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Mini Maths

We are working on counting accurately.

This involves touching each object carefully as you count, as well as saying the number names in order.

It is initially easier to count a smaller set of objects.


Including counting in your everyday experiences at home can have a big impact on children's learning:

  • You could count the number of people in your house, plates on the table or bottles in the fridge, as well as counting toys as your child plays (cars, animals, dolls etc.).
  • Saying the number names as you step on each stair and count the stairs as you are going up or down will really help children to remember the order of the numbers.
We have been singing 'One,Two, Three, Four, Five, Once I Caught a Fish Alive' in nursery. Here are some fish for you to count with your child.  Say the numbers out loud as your child touches each one with their finger.

This week, we are also looking at cutting/ folding things in the middle / in 'half'.

When children are making their sandwich on 'Taste-it Tuesday', they will fold their bread in the middle, in half, to make a sandwich. 

You could show your child how to cut an apple or cake in half, making each half the same size.

Or you could fold clothes or paper in half, down the middle.