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Taste-it Tuesday

Good morning everyone and welcome to our tasks for Tuesday!yes

Mini Maths

Let's practice saying the numbers in order, counting back from 10 and counting up to 10.

Children are more familiar in saying numbers 1-10 and so may need more practice to become confident counting back 10-1.

Count Back from 10 with the Count Back Cat!


Let's use Fred Talk to play a game.

Draw a simple picture of a dog on a piece of paper.

Next, tell your child to point to:

  • the dog's 'l-e-g'. Child says, "l-e-g, leg", and points to the leg.
  • the dog's 'h-e-d'. Child says, "h-e-d, head", and points to the head.
  • the dog's 'f-u-t'. Child says, "f-u-t, foot", and points to the foot.
  • the dog's 'n-ow-s'. Child says, "n-ow-s, nose", and points to the nose.
  • the dog's 't-ay-l'. Child says, "t-ay-l, tail", and points to the tail.


There are two new picture cards to learn today:

                    egg                                     horse

Fitting with our topic of 'Pets': cats love to drink milk!

Here is a recipe for 'Taste-it Tuesday' to make milkshake in minutes, without using a blender. You can mix your ingredients together in a large mixing bowl and then shake in a container/ jar that has a lid or even a drink shaker. You will need:

  • Milk
  • Ice cream
  • Whipped cream, optional
  • Optional: Flavoring (cocoa powder, chocolate powder, etc.), banana, strawberries or biscuit.


  • Add the ice cream to your container.
  • Note: mix any powder with milk first.
  • Add milk. Pour your milk into your container on top of the ice cream. You want to have a ratio of about three parts ice cream to one part milk.
  • Mash up your fruit or biscuits in a bowl before adding it to your container. This will make it easier to mix into your milkshake.
  • Mash and stir with a spoon. Before you shake up your milkshake to get a nice frothy texture, take a spoon and give your ingredients a good mix. By mashing and stirring with a spoon you will distribute your ingredients evenly and soften the ice cream.
  • Once you don’t feel many clumps of ice cream, and have a consistent texture, you can stop stirring and mashing.
  • Shake your container for about 15 seconds. If you find your mix is still too solid, you can shake it again.
  • Enjoy!


Join in with the song and the repeated words in the story:

Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes by Eric Litwin

Enjoy your daywink