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Good Morning Receptionlaugh.
Today is Tuesday 31st March 2020, the last day of March.
Do you know what month it will be tomorrow?
Here are today's busy work activitiesyes

Phonics Time

Can you say these sounds?

m   a   s   d   t   i   n 


Now, in your busy work books, practice writing the following letters:
Remember to use the rhymes to help you.
r - down his body, then curl over his arm.
u - down and under the umbrella, up to the top and draw the puddle.

n - down Nobby and over his net.


mail Parents: Ask your child to write the following words in their busy work books.
Boys and girls, remember to use your 'Fred Fingers' to help you.


Words to write: dig, pop, rat, yap, mix.
As a challenge, your child could write a simple sentence: a black cap.


Now, let's play 'Odd and Bob' wink
This is a new game. The green alien 'Odd' loves silly alien words. The red alien 'Bob loves real words.
Fred talk, read the word from the UFO and give it to the correct alien to make them happy.

Jennie Time
Please click on the image below to look at your Jennie Time activity.

Maths Time
Today, we are looking at shape repeating patterns.

Look at the shapes below, can you see the patterns? 

In your busy books, draw the shapes and continue each pattern.


Challenge Time: Can you create your own repeating pattern? You can use any shapes you wish e.g. heart, diamond, star. 


Now, let's play a repeating pattern game yes.

Story Time

Today's story book is called 'Brenda's Boring Egg'. In this story, the mummy ducks are bragging about how beautiful their eggs are and how special their ducklings will be. Except Brenda, who lovingly looks after her plain old egg. When the eggs hatch, are the new babies all they were cracked up to be? Click on the icon below to read the storywink.

Have a lovely day!
Miss Dodgson & Mr Kirkbride

Remember, you can contact your class teacher using the email addresses below:
It wold be lovely to hear from youlaugh.