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Today we are completing our final set of fantastic TalkforWriting activities.
Click below to go to the Year 2 Home learning booklet.

We are finishing working on the poem written by Edward Lear called The Quangle Wangle's Hat.

Today complete the activitiy on page 18: the poem writing challenge



enlightenedChallengeenlightened- can you illustrate your completed poem


enlightenedFriday Challengeenlightened      




Don't forget to use TT Rock Stars and My Maths too!


Log in to Yumu and continue to learn, practise and have fun with the music activities and songs that we have made available to you.


If you are not sure what your username and password are, as always, please contact your teacher by email:
Miss Collins - 
Mrs Marsden - 


Happy Singing & Music Making!



You can also use the BBC website for your music learning by clicking the
BBC Bitesize icon below.



 enlightenedChallenge enlightened- learn the lyrics to a song that you love heart


are the words to a song.