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Make-it Monday

Good morning everyone and welcome to a new week.smiley

Mini Maths

Let's do some number challenges at the beach:

Number challenge: As well as counting, you could ask:

  • which is more? beach balls or clouds?
  • which is taller? child or tree?
  • if 2 more children came to play, how many children would there be?
  • How many ice-creams would you need to buy for 4 children and 2 mums?

Super number challenge:

If you make 5 sandcastles and put 2 shells on each sandcastle- how many shells would you use? (You might need to draw a picture to help solve this puzzle).


Play a game of 'Fred-Talk/ Say the word' at the beach.

Adult says, 'h-a-t'. Child says, 'h-a-t.........hat'.

Adult says, 's-u-n'. Child says, 's-u-n.........sun'.

Adult says, 't-r-ee'. Child says, 't-r-ee.........tree'.

Adult says, 's-a-n-d'. Child says, 's-a-n-d.........sand'.


How many pictures can you remember from last week? 

Today is 'Make-it Monday' and we are going to draw a beach ball.

You need to have strong fingers to hold a pencil or a pen to draw so join along with the actions below to exercise your fingers:

NEW WARM UP - Magic Fingers

How To Draw A Beach Ball With Templates


Listen to the rhythm and rhyme in the poems in the book below.

Which animal is your favourite? Why?

Which poem do you like the best? Why?

Is there a funny poem? a scary poem?

Commotion In The Ocean by Giles Andreae