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Wiggle Wednesday

Good morning everyonesmiley

Today we have some more fun activities about 'The Beach', and there is a new picture/ letter for you to learn.

Developing Language and Understanding the World 

Look at the pictures below and ask your child to find the photograph of the sunny day/ then the cold day at the beach.

When they have identified the correct photo, ask them to tell you how they knew it was a hot day/ cold day. Hopefully they will tell you about clothing, the colour of the sky etc.


Initially it is important for children to recognise the picture that surrounds the letter shape.

Learning to name the picture and remembering the pictures will make it easier for children to remember more letters later.

We simply want children to be able to say what they see and remember the names of the pictures so don't worry if children don't hear the sound at the start words.

Can you remember the names of the pictures so far?

There are 2 new pictures for today:

        Picture 1 :         snake                                                 Picture 2 :            tower

Later, before you turn off the computer, show your child the pictures again and ask them to name the pictures. 

If they struggle or can't remember, tell them again and keep practising.

Mini Maths

1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9      10

Count each block of beach items below and say how many there are.

Then point to the correct matching number under the pictures.

If your child is unsure of the number shapes, use the number-line above to count along and find the correct number they are looking for. 

Today is 'Wiggle Wednesday' so let's end today with some music and movement in the sea, at the beach:

Just Dance Disney Party: Under the Sea


A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea


Choose a story from another day- about the beach, growing or transport.

You could also click on the link below to find a new story:


Enjoy the rest of your day in the sunshine! cool