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Good Morning Receptionheart.
Today is Friday 26th June 2020, the last day of the school week.
Scroll down for today's activitieslaugh.

Phonics Time

If your child is confident recognising all of the set 1 sounds, and can read words such as ship, king, bat, and clap, without any support, then click on the set 2 sounds icon.

If you want to practice more phonics, you can now play 'Dragon's Den' blush.

Chat on the Mat Time
Let's start today's chat on the mat activity with a game of 'what animal am i?' laugh. Read the clues below, and guess what farm animal it is. Good luckyes


1. I live in a sty. I roll around in mud. My baby is a piglet. What animal am I?

2. My baby is a duckling. Humans feed me bread. What animal am I?

3. I live in a stable. I run very fast. My baby is a foal. What animal am I?

4. I like to eat grass. I am milked in a barn. My baby is a calf. What am I?


Now, let's play a matching gamewink. In your busy books, draw each item of food, and then next to it, draw where it came from. For example, draw the tomato, and the tomato sauce next to each otheryes


Well done! laugh

If your up for a super writing challenge today, can you write a simple sentence about one of the foods? 

For example: milk comes from a cow. 

Maths Time
Let's start today's maths activity by singing our counting in 10's songlaugh. Click on the video below.

Super singing! Today, we are going to solve money problemsblush. You will need to switch on your take away brains, to help you find the answers. We will do the first one for you, to show you what to doyes.


"Sam's mother gives her 10p to buy her brother a banana. She buys a banana for 5p. How much change will she receive?" 


So, we need to take away the price of the banana (6p) from the 10p coin to find out how much change Sam will need from the shop keeperblush.  First, we circle the first number (10p), like this:

Then, we look at the second number (5p), and jump backwards this many spaces, like this:

The number it lands on, is the answer to the problem. So, 10p - 5p = 5plaugh.


Now, its your turnblush, please complete this activity in your busy books. 
mailParents: draw the number line in your child's book to make the activity easier.
mailTop Tip: remember, we are taking away, so jump backwards on the number line.

If your up for a super super challenge today, can you write the subtraction sum? laugh
Fantastic Maths Reception!

Surprise Time
After another busy week with our online learning, it's time for our weekly surprise timeblush. Today, we are going to watch our new cartoon 'Big Barn Farm'. In this episode, the farmyard bunch play a game of hide-and-seeksurprise. Click on the video below, enjoy!

We hope you have a fantastic weekend with your familieslaugh.
Don't forget, you can email your teacher whenever you would like.

We miss you allheart.

Miss Dodgson & Mr Kirkbride.