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Thrilling Thursday

We hope that you are all well.


Today is Thrilling Thursday!

It’s another beautiful day!

It's a Beautiful Day | Spring/Summer Song for Kids | The Singing Walrus

We are going to plant some seeds!

What do seeds need to grow?


What do Plants Need to Grow?

What are the five things a plant needs to grow? A seed needs five things - Soil, Water; Space; Sun and Air

Today we will make Egg Carton Greenhouses!



Use the pictures below to show your child what you are making. You can do this together.


First, can you find some seeds 

Next, find some potting soil, cups and egg boxes.

Fill the cartons with the soil, using the cups. Then add a seed in each one.

Pour water on the soil with the seed covered. It should be nice and wet.

Then take a clear  bag to cover the tray and it can be left in a sunny place.

The bag will keep the soil a little wet until you see shoots coming through. Then take the bag away.

You can look at the tray with your child every day until when you see a green shoot!

Language and Literacy

Seed begins with Ssssss Can you find other things which begin with S? You can hunt in your house. Sandwich, Scissors, Sofa…..What else can you find?

Flower begins with f. Can you find other things in the house or outside which begin with f? You can hunt again. Finger, fan,

Can you draw the seeds and things you have found?



Mini Maths

Using the seeds -  (or use pasta or cereal if the seeds are too small).

Give your child a number (between 1 and 5) and ask them to show you that many seeds. Count them by touching each one and saying the number

Challenge – use bigger numbers


Story time

The Little Red Hen #ReadAlong StoryBook Video For Kids Ages 2-7

See what happens when the Little Red Hen plants the seeds.