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You now have a plan for a main character in a story and the setting.

Today's task is to think of a problem that could happen and how it could be solved. Think back to some of the problems in stories you have read or we have read together, this will help you wink

Book Review

Create a book review for one of the books you have read or listened to this week.

Today for your maths activity, click the link below, then you should watch the lesson video that is under Week 1 and called 'Lesson 3 - Find a Half' then click 'Get the activity' and answer the questions
Free Choice Friday

After all of your hard work this week choose some of the games on the link below, on some of the links we have used for tasks this week or go to our 'skills' section and practise there. 


Have fun!
Stay safe heart and we will be back with more activities soon yes

AND Don't forget to log in to 'My Maths' and 'Bug Club' every day. Your teachers see when you do cool