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Taste-it Tuesday

Good morning. smiley

Let's start today with a few familiar songs:

I'm a spring chicken

Days Of The Week Addams Family (Parody) | Fun songs for Big Kids, Preschoolers and Toddlers

Today is 'Taste-it Tuesday'.

As the weather is so sunny and warm at the moment I thought it might be a good time to make some frozen ice lollies or ice cubes.

  • Make some fruit juice or use fresh juice and pour into a small plastic cup/ or yoghurt container.
  • Next, place it carefully in the freezer.
  • When it is beginning to freeze, insert a lolly stick (if you have them) or a reusable straw or teaspoon.
  • Leave to freeze for 3-4 hours.

It might be easier to make fruit juice ice cubes with, or without, the sticks.


Making the fruit lollies or ice cubes provides an excellent opportunity for Mini Maths- 

  • measuring the amount of juice - more/ less
  • filling the pot or cup - empty, a little bit more, half-full, full
  • counting how many sticks/ cups/ bowls you will need
  • counting how many lollies you have made
  • sharing the ice cubes between children's cups so that it is fair

Language and Literacy/ Phonics 

We started our new topic on 'Transport' yesterday.

Look at the pictures below and ask your child to match the correct name to each of them.

Next, play a game of 'I spy...' emphasising the initial sound of the word.

      van             scooter            taxi             bus            car       motorbike   


This book is excellent for promoting talk as there are only a few words on each page.

Challenge-This book also provides an opportunity for you or your child to point to each  word as it is read. 

My Car By Byron Barton

Have a good day.heart