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Make-it Monday

Good morning everyone.smiley 

Welcome to another new week.


This week we are going to be talking about 'Babies and Growing' and remembering how much you have grown since you were a baby.


Lets sing a few songs to start the day:

Children Songs with Lyrics and Action - Educational Videos

Language and Literacy

Talk about the baby pictures below. Try to encourage your child to tell you a sentence for you to repeat or write in your child's 'Busy Book'.

Tip: if your child says, "cry," you could encourage them to say a sentence by agreeing and extending what they have said.

For example, "yes, the baby is crying."

Today is 'Make-it Monday'.

you could make a fun 'peekaboo' mask to entertain a baby or someone else in your family.

Remember babies like bright colours.

Don't worry if you don't have card, you could use the inside of a cereal box.

Mini Maths

Try to introduce counting around the house today:

  • counting as you climb the stairs
  • counting when you are putting out cutlery for your family
  • counting your socks as you put them on
  • counting as you jump up and down
  • counting slices of apple or biscuits to share with your family


Challenge- collect a group of objects (pencils or toys or socks or uncooked pasta shapes). Count out 10 objects.

Play a counting game- removing a few, then count how many are left.

Add a few more and count again. How many now?

You could make this a shopping game and pretend to buy objects from your 'shop'.


I'm a New Big Sister | Princess Polly | Story Time

Princess Polly has a new baby brother arriving in this fun video.

Hope you have a good day heart