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To ensure that bubbles are not broken children from Years 3 and 4 will play on separate yards. 


Teachers from year 4 Yard take their children down first and return last.


Sanitiser will be available before and after break time.

2020-21 Timetable


Please use Google Classroom to access the resources and work that your teachers have set for you.


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Welcome to our Year 4 Classes!


Mrs. Fisher, Mrs Brocken, Mrs. Lyons, Mr. Keenan and Mrs. Murray are really proud to be working with our fantastic Year 4 children this year. Keep checking these pages for pictures of the exciting things we are doing in class.

Curriculum Intent

We want our Year 4 children to be open minded, independent, respectful, resilient, active, creative and forward thinking.

Curriculum Implementation



Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term


Space Explorer!

Christophe’s Story

Sounds Spooky

Creating Images

The World’s Weirdest Sports

The Grand Tour

The Spiderwick Chronicles

Exploring Poetic Form


The Shang Dynasty

The Iron Man

The Grand Tour

Exploring Poetic Language

Poems about Animals and the Outdoors



Place Value

Addition and Subtraction

Multiplication and Division



Measurement, fractions and decimals


Problem Solving


Find out how sound travels

Digestion and different types of teeth


Living Things – Classification and Habitats




Looking at States of Matter




Native North American Artefacts linked to Jewellery Design


Art of Sonia Delaunay



Design and make a model of the Iron Man


Food Technology. Healthy Eating.

Food Technology

Healthy Eating






Child in the Past

What was important to our local Victorians?


What happened when the Romans came?


Can You Come on a Great American Road Trip?

Does water go round and round?

“Is Climate Cool?”


Develop ball skills and teamwork through a variety of team games.

Cardio – Coordination:

Floor Movement Patterns



Cardio – Dynamic Balance  to Agility





Descriptions of hair and eyes

(I) Big green monster story Brothers and sisters 1 – 39 (add/subtract, odds/evens, double/halve)


Weather linked with months + seasons X10 – 60 (RRP)


The children will learn about: food and drink for a picnic - sandwich fillings/ice cream flavours


1 – 69 (all operations)


Descriptions of hair and eyes

(I) Big green monster story Brothers and sisters 1 – 39 (add/subtract, odds/evens, double/halve)


Weather linked with months + seasons X10 – 60 (RRP)


The children will learn about: food and drink for a picnic - sandwich fillings/ice cream flavours


1 – 69 (all operations)



Curriculum Impact

British Science Week

As part of their Geography topic, Year 4 have been looking at Christmas Traditions in the USA and Mexico.

In year four, for art we have been designers of jewellery. Here are our beautiful African necklaces.

Playing Clarinet in Year 4 at Lawrence

Being Me in My World, Celebrating Difference and Dreams and Goals

Dreams and Goals need Determination!

Still image for this video

What is a winner?

Still image for this video

Who is Sonia Delaunay?

Still image for this video

Sonia Delaunay Artwork by Year 4


Still image for this video

The night before Christmas...

Still image for this video

Great American Road Trip

Fraction Walls

We used our Fraction Walls to help with understanding equivalent fractions in class.


We used Numicon to show multiples. This helped us to understand not just multiplication and division but  also factors.

3D Shape with Miss Rowley

The Iron Giant

Still image for this video


Using iPads to help with our maths

Some of the apps we have been using recently to help with our mental maths have included Monster House to help with some basic algebra, Math Duel to help our 4-a-day skills to improve and Motion Math to help with fraction. We also use Kodable to help with moving in different directions. Mr. Keenan can't pronounce Kodable which is quite funny!

Spanish Dancing in Year 4

As part of our Spanish Celebration Day, we have been learning how the Spanish dance.

Making LOUD Drumming Sounds in Year 4!

First we drummed loudly which made a banging sound and then we twanged elastic bands, we plucked guitar strings, we flicked rulers and we hummed from our throat. Each time we did this, we made a vibrating sound. We then learned about pitch and volume and how sounds can be loud or quiet. It was very noisy in Year 4!
In Food Technology, we have been designing and making our own pizzas. Unfortunately, nobody gave Mr. Keenan a bite which is a shame because they looked amazing!

We have been learning about Gas Masks. During the war, if you didn't wear one of these, you might not survive a Gas Attack!

The one we used to take these pictures was very uncomfortable and it stank!

We have been using Numicon to learn about place value. We took four digit numbers and partitioned them into thousands, hundreds, tens and ones. We then took the final whole one number and converted it into tenths. Finally we converted these into decimals.

Our visit to the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

We visited the Royal Philharmonic Hall today. Our children were treated to music ranging from the Beatles to Star Wars to Bach. They were a real credit to the school.
We had a great time at Calderstones Park today taking part in lots of active activities based around what we have been learning in Maths for our Maths of the Day challenge. Lots of tired children at the end of the day (and some tired teachers as well!).

Our "Iron Giants" based on the book by Ted Hughes

Having fun at Archbishop Blanche! Thank you to all the staff and students who worked so hard to make this a fantastic event.

We have been learning about British Values during World War 1 and 2 reading books by Marcia Williams