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Year 4


Welcome to our Year 4 Classes!


The Year 4 teachers are all really proud to be working with our Year 4 children this year. Keep checking these pages for pictures of the exciting things we are doing in class.

Curriculum Intent

We want our Year 4 children to be open minded, independent, respectful, resilient, active, creative and forward thinking.

Curriculum Overview



Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term


Space Explorer!

Christophe’s Story

Sounds Spooky

Creating Images


The World’s Weirdest Sports

The Grand Tour

The Spiderwick Chronicles

Exploring Poetic Form


The Shang Dynasty

The Iron Man

The Grand Tour

Exploring Poetic Language

Poems about Animals and the Outdoors



Place Value

Addition and Subtraction


Measurement, fractions and decimals

Multiplication and Division







Problem Solving



Animals Including Humans

Living Things and Their Habitats

States of Matter



Jewellery Design linked to North American Artefacts

Art of Sonia Delaunay

Design and make a model of the Iron Man


We are Healthy Food Designers

We are Shell Structure Designers

We are Electric Lighting Designers


Child in the Past

What was important to our local Victorians?

What happened when the Romans came?


Can You Come on a Great American Road Trip?

Does water go round and round?

“Is Climate Cool?”


Develop ball skills and teamwork through a variety of team games


Cardio – Coordination:

Floor Movement Patterns

Cardio – Dynamic Balance to Agility


Descriptions of hair and eyes

(I) Big green monster story Brothers and sisters 1 – 39 (add/subtract, odds/evens, double/halve)

Weather linked with months + seasons X10 – 60 (RRP)

The children will learn about: food and drink for a picnic - sandwich fillings/ice cream flavours


1 – 69 (all operations)


We are Programming Problem Solvers

We are Software Developers

We are Co-authors


Pitch and volume linked to sound in Science


Reflect, Rewind, Replay


L2.3 Why is Jesus inspiring to some people? Christians

L2.5 Why are festivals important to religious communities

Hindus - Diwali

Christians - Harvest, Pentecost, Christmas, Easter

Muslims - Pillars of Islam, Eid


L2.9 What can we learn from religions about deciding what is right and wrong?

Christians and nonreligious people

L2.8 What does it mean to be in Hindu in Britain today?




Well done to our fantastic Year 4 Pony riders on getting their Grooming, Points of Tack and Pony Club Test badges and for passing the Standards of Efficiency Test "E"

Year 4 Clarinets led by our new music teacher!

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This is a sample of some of the musical notation Year 4 have been learning this year. The new teacher is a bit bossy though...

Thanks to Miss Dignham for all her hard work this year!

Some Year 4 dancing...we think...

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Music in Year 4

Still image for this video

Music in Year 4

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Music in Year 4

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Music in Year 4

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Year 4 have been bringing their old books in to share with them with each other. What kind children!

We wanted to see what would happen to these egg shells when we put them in various liquids.

We wanted to make our investigation a fair test but someone decided to play football with the egg that was in the fizzy orange!

After a few days, we looked at the egg shells to see if there was any change.

Our teeth!

In Year 4, we are learning how sound travels!

In Christophe's Story, we acted out what it might be like if we were Christophe.

Black Role Models at Lawrence

Donna Palmer from School Improvement Liverpool came into school to talk about inspirational role models from the past, present and future. We all thought she was inspirational as well!

We are using equipment to help us with place value in maths.

In PSHE, for Being Me in My World, we had a visitor come in to talk about anxiety and how we can deal with it at home and in school.

In music, we are learning how to use the clarinet and link it to pitch and volume and sound in science.

The Crazy Computer Girls

We were shortlisted for a Childnet Film Award and our girls received some really amazing prizes!

The Crazy Computer Girls!

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Year 4 English

We have been writing about "The Spiderwick Chronicles"

Year 4 English

We have been writing about "The Shang Dynasty"

Year 4 RE

We have been writing about Islam and comparing it to other religions.

Year 4 PSHE

We have been using vocabulary from our curriculum intent as word photos.