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Taste-it Tuesday

laughGood morning everybody.

Let's start today with a song. Try to join in with the repeated words.yes

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Throughout Nursery children have been exploring sounds and words, joining in with songs and rhymes and sharing lots of stories.

Some children can hear the different sounds in words eg. saying,   "cat starts with c",    "b-b-b-ball", 

"my name is Mmmmm Mohamed ".


Today we are going to begin to introduce children to the scheme we use to teach phonics - hearing and saying the sounds letters make in words. The scheme is called 'Read, Write Inc'.


Click on the links below for more information for parents about 'Read, Write Inc.' : 

There are many more useful clips and information for parents about 'Read, Write Inc.' and its author, Ruth Miskin, on the internet.

'Read, Write Inc.' uses a small toy frog called Fred to help children practice blending sounds together. Show your child the photograph of Fred below:

Explain to your child that Fred can only speak in sounds so he needs children to say the word for him.

We have already been using 'Fred Talk' to blend the sounds.

Fred (you) says, "let's run for the b-u-s!"

Children then repeat the sounds, "b-u-s" and then say the word 'bus'.

Fred (you) says, "The sun is out. It is h-o-t."

Children then repeat the sounds, "h-o-t" and then say the word 'hot'.

Fred (you) says, "I put the food in the p-a-n."

Children then repeat the sounds, "p-a-n" and then say the word 'pan'.


This is called 'Fred Talk / Say the word'.

Taste-it Tuesday

Let's celebrate Fred and make fruit frogs:


  • ¼ green apple; cored
  • 2 raisins
  • 3 green grapes cut in half
  • 1 teaspoon soft cream cheese


  1. Lay apples sideways on a plate. Cut out a thin, horizontal sliver for mouth.
  2. Arrange one grape half on each side of the apple to make the arms
  3. Cut out 2 triangles from the other 4 grapes to create the toes and fingers and then arrange them as the hands and feet.
  4. Shape the cream cheese into 2, small balls and stick a grape into each as a pupil.
  5. Stick cream cheese eyes on top of the quartered apple.
  6. Enjoy!

Mini Maths

Look closely at the pictures below and ask your child what comes next in the pattern.

You might need to give some help initially and say the pattern out loud ie.

plane - car, - plane - car, - plane - car, - plane - _________




Listen and enjoy the rhyming story below: 

Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson

Have a good day and be ready for more 'Fred Talk' games tomorrowwink