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Year 5

Curriculum Intent

We want our Year 5 children to be open minded, independent, respectful, resilient, active, creative and forward thinking.




Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term


Poets’ Voices

Friend or Foe

Animals on the Move

Ultimate Rap!


Oranges in No Man’s land

Greek Myths

The Museum of Fun


Ultimate Explorers

Tell me a Story

Pitch it



Place Value

Mental Addition and Subtraction

Multiplication and Division: Written Methods


Multiplication and division



Problem Solving

Addition and subtraction

Multiplication and Division



Living Things and their Habitats

Earth and Space

Animals Including Humans

Properties and Changes of Materials

Living Things and Their Habitats


Frieda K

A Sense of Place

Chinese Art


We are Plant Protection Designers

We are Chinese Food Designers

We are CAD Textile Designers


What Impact did the Anglo-Saxons have?

Why Should We Thank the Ancient Greeks?

Would the Vikings do anything for Money?


Are We Damaging our World?

How is Our Country Changing?

How Will our World Look in the Future?




Invasion Games




Top Up Swimming


More body parts, Illness, Family members, 1 – 60 (all calculations)

Clothes (uniform) + adjectival agreement 'Get dressed Robert' story Time - ¼ past and ¼ to 1 – 60 odds/evens, counting in 2s/5s/10s. Clothing linked to Christmas

The World Around Us



We are Digital Artists

We are Game Developers

We are Web Developers, Bloggers and Digital Architects


Livin’ On a Prayer

Christmas Songs

Make You Feel My Love

Reflect, Rewind & Replay


U2.6 What does it mean to be a Muslim in Britain today? Muslims 

U2.2 What would Jesus do? (Can we live by the values of Jesus in the 21st century?)  Christians


U2.1 Why do some people think God exists? 

Christians, nonreligious (Humanists)


U2.7 What matters most to Christians and Humanists? 

Christians and nonreligious (Humanists)


Being Me in My World

Democracy, Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect, Tolerance of those of diff. faiths & beliefs

Celebrating Difference

Democracy, Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect, Tolerance of those of diff. faiths & beliefs

Dreams & Goals

Democracy, Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect, Tolerance of those of diff. faiths & beliefs

Healthy Me

Democracy, Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect, Tolerance of those of diff. faiths & beliefs


Democracy, Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect, Tolerance of those of diff. faiths & beliefs

Changing Me

Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect, Tolerance of those of diff. faiths & beliefs


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Video (9).mov

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WOW! Rahaf -this is amazing!




Year 5 took part in Safer Internet Day Live lesson with the BBC.


We looked at all the great things that we use the internet for and thought carefully about the types of information we might share on line.


A warm welcome to our new year 5 cohort.  We had a tremendous year 5 last year and we are hoping that this year will be even better!

This page will showcase the wonderful things that we do in year 5 so keep checking in to see for yourselfπŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ½




Autumn/Spring/Summer 1: Year 5 on Y3/4 Yard and Year 6 on 5/6 Yard


Autumn/Spring/Summer: Year 5 on 5/6 Yard and Year 6 on 3/4 Yard


Teachers from the year groups that are on 3 and 4 Yard take their children down first.

Teacher on duty sends the year group that is on 5 and 6 Yard back to class first.

Sanitiser will be available before and after break time.




Daily Structure

Y5/6 Quarter


8.45 entrance through car park gate, met by SMT/LSO, guided to stairs by LSO, hand gel applied, keep to left up stairs on way to class.



10.45 playtime:

Y5 on far yard first with either Y5 teacher or Y5 LSO

Y6 on near yard with either Y6 teacher or Y6 LSO

Y5 back first followed by Y6

Children hand gelled on way out and back


If possible, children keep to left on way back to class unless detrmined otherwise by supervising teacher


Same routine at lunchtime


Children get half hour out and half hour in having lunch


Y5 leave at 3.10

Y6 leave at 3.20



Children stay with adult until SMT let them leave unless they go home on their own.



Clare Weze was raised in London and Yorkshire and has British and Nigerian heritage. Her background is in science research, which she loves to weave into her novels. Her debut middle-grade adventure, THE LIGHTNING CATCHER, was published by Bloomsbury in 2021.



Clare visited our Year 5 classes and talked about the story 'Once' which we have previously read in class. She gave us some great tips on how to improve our writing and storytelling and answered all the questions that we had prepared for her visit. At the end she signed all the children's copies of her book.



Well done to our final spelling Champions of the Year! Well done girls. We are so proud of you.

Performance Poetry

In year five we are studying the poems of  Charles Causley and Michael Rosen.

The children are learning how to write and perform their own free verse poem. 
In the video below two children are presenting 'I'm the youngest in our house' by Michael Rosen. 
Hopefully, in a week or so, they will be able to present their poem without reading from the script. 

I'm the youngest in our house

Still image for this video
A free verse poem by Michael Rosen




What does cognitive mean?

  •  relating to, being, or involving conscious intellectual activity (such as thinking, reasoning, or remembering) 


Year 5 were  visited by Ian from ASYLUM LINK MERSEYSIDE. We read a story called 'The Journey'

This beautifully illustrated book explores the unimaginable decisions made as a family leave their home and everything they know to escape the turmoil and tragedy brought by war. 


We discussed the issues around immigration, people seeking asylum and refugees and challenged some stereotypes. We linked our discussion to our previous learning in Science and English  and compared 'The Journey' with Ayesha's life in'Oranges in No Man's land'.




During Mental Health Awareness week, Year 5 had an opportunity to reconnect with nature and the environment.

We planted some seeds and drew some amazing tulips.

Some of our Recovery Curriculum writing:


Terrific Times Tables

Celebrating Black history with Merseyside Police

Congratulations to our socially distanced spelling and times tables champions!

Spanish in Year 5 - look at our Spanish Curriculum section for more amazing Spanish work!

Today in Year 5 we learned all about Latin America. We used Atlases to find out about the  capital cities of Latin American countries. We revised the months of the year and talked about feminine and masculine nouns. 

Social Action and Community Awareness with Liverpool Football Club. TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE


# Youth Voice

# I Will




Awarded in exceptional circumstances for outstanding achievements. All Golden Mighty Winners receive a unique Golden Mighty Badge, a football shirt and 20% off at the Bootroom Cafe. Well Done!

Year 5 Timetable


If you are working from home, please use Google Classroom to access the resources and work that your teachers have set for you.


If you need a password reminder, you can ring the school 0151 733 2556 and ask Mr. Keenan for it.

Curriculum Impact



Year 5 have been learning all about democracy during British Values lessons. We are writing and performing our own assembly too.

Year 5 and Kirsty with the Recycling Rap 😁

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Kirsty and Year 5 bang out the Recycling Rap to encourage the residents of Liverpool to not only Recycle, Reduce and Reuse but also to only put the six items that should go into the Blue Recycling bin: glass bottles, tin cans, aluminium cans, cardboard, paper and plastic bottles.

Science at Childwall Secondary


The Importance of Reading and Writing

Mrs Miah came in to talk about her job and how important being able to read and write is to her.

She is a driving instructor and she took our class out to look at her car and use the dual controls. THANK YOU! We really enjoyed your visit.

Year 5 have worked together with our parents and carers to inform and persuade our families and friends to recycle correctly. We designed posters and  sent them to the council. The winners will be reporoduced and posted in our locality.






We are also repeating last years Plastics recycling  campaign and our Year 5 children will take our collection to the local recycling centre next half term. 

A BIG THANK YOU to everybody for your help and contributions!

Year 5 enjoyed an afternoon at the Tate Liverpool.  

First we visited the optical illusions .  We were able to enjoy the Jim Lambie floor  of many colours. 

We also found a Damien Hurst painting called dots.

After that, we visited the exhibition of Vivienne Sutler.  She uses very large canvases and lives on the edge of a rain forest.  To add texture and depth she leaves the canvas outside on the edge of her land to the weather using the elements.

Spelling and Times Table Champions πŸŽ„

Congratulations to our very worthy winners of the Christmas 2019 Spellings and Times Tables competitions.

Well done children πŸ˜πŸŽ„

Our Space Lecture at Liverpool John Moore’s University πŸŽ„

Children from Year 5 had a fantastic time at The National Space Observatory’s 2019 Christmas Space Lecture. πŸŽ„

Year 5 had a wonderful morning at the Story Barn. 
Thank you for organising this Christmas treat for us, Miss Hillier πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ½πŸŽ„

As part of our poetry in year 5 we asked the children to learn, off by heart, their chosen poem. 
Their response has been fantastic 😁 Well done 😁

Year 5 - Poetry

Still image for this video

Don’t Forget Your Capital Letters And Full Stops 😁

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β€˜If’ by Rudyard Kipling

Still image for this video
Well done children 😁

Year 5 have been studying Frida Kahlo. She was very proud of her Mexican heritage and the children have thought about their own heritage and what makes them proud of themselves. They have created art works using images and strong colours from their own lives. We are all proud of our artwork.

Can You Feel The Force?

Year 5 measuring (using our force / Newton meters) the amount of force needed to pull a training shoe across different surfaces. 

Autumn A Times Table Champion

Gravity versus Upthrust investigation

5M have been investigating gravity and upthrust. They dropped objects into water and measured how long it took to drop to the bottom of the container. The objects (made of plasticine) had the same mass but their surface area was changed by moulding them into different shapes πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ»

Fantastic Year 5 artwork

Some spine chilling creations from our children in art today. 

Year 5 constructing 3D Shapes using Polydron

The children in 5M have been learning about 3D shapes and nets. The children saw some 2D nets of 3D shapes and then constructed their own. They made some fantastic 3D shapes and some of them were really complicated (an icosahedron no less 😁). 

Year 5 producing some amazing Frida artwork

Year 5 have been looking at Frida Kahlo in art and, as you can see from the pictures, they have produced some amazing artworks. 

The children have also been making some Anglo-Saxon coins, as part of their history topic, and drawing and painting artefacts that were found at the archeological dig at Sutton Hoo. 

Science: Forces - Ball Drop Investigation.

Still image for this video
We dropped a golf ball and a table tennis ball to see which one would hit the floor first. To make it a fair test we asked one child to try to drop the balls (which had the same diameter) simultaneously. Most of the children thought that the ball with the greatest mass (the golf ball) would land first and only one child predicted that both balls would land at the same time.

Ball Drop Investigation

                                       Year 5 2018/19

Spelling, Times Table and Pi Competitions

Well done to our final competition winners for this academic year: tremendous performances children 😁

Year 5 enjoyed a brilliant day at Formby Point.  We visited the squirrel reserve and then went on to the beach and had lots of fun playing games.  

Some of the children walked along the beach and collected plastic that had been washed up by the tide.  This was part of our geography topic, 'Are We Damaging Our Planet?' and the science and literacy project that we are involved in with Metal Liverpool / Picton Poets / Shrinking Space.

Overall, a fantastic day.

Are We Damaging Our World?

Fantastic climate change workshops in Year 5 arranged by our friends at Metal Liverpool. The children really enjoyed the sessions πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ½

Summer A Times Tables and Spelling competition Champions

What a fantastic performance from these hard working children. 

Times Table and spelling champions for summer A.  And for one child a ‘Treble Double’ an unprecedented achievement. 

I think it will be very tough for anyone to emulate her record πŸ†πŸ₯‡

Geography: Are we Damaging our World?

As part of our geography topic, ‘Are We Damaging Our World?’ We collected plastic bottles and took them to the Veolia recycling plant in Gilmoss. Whilst we were there we had a look around the centre and learnt about how the centre recycles the plastic etc in our blue bins. 

Spring B Times Table Champion and Spelling Champion 😁

A fantastic effort children: well done!


Are we damaging our planet?

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After the drama a crisis! Not quite, just a very competitive game of dodgeball to end the day πŸ˜πŸ€Ύβ€β™‚οΈ

Drama: Oranges in No Mans Land

Still image for this video
We wrote a playscript for the scene in our fantastic book when Ayesha has to go through a checkpoint to get supplies for her family. The children then had a go at β€˜treading the boards’ 😁

Oranges 🍊 In No Mans Land

Still image for this video

Oranges In No Mans Land

Still image for this video

Oranges 🍊 In No Mans Land

Still image for this video

Oranges 🍊 In No Man's Land

Still image for this video

How do you feel about damaging the environment?

Still image for this video

Anglo Saxon Magic

Still image for this video

Anglo Saxons

Still image for this video

Coding in Year 5

In ICT The children have been using Scratch and Kodable to code. There are some fantastic budding programmers and developers in our class!

Autumn A Spelling Champions

Role Play in Year 5

Still image for this video

Joint winners from 5B and 5M. 40 really difficult spellings and 10 randomly selected tough spellings and we still couldn’t get an overall winner; so the fairest way was to crown them both ‘Spelling Champion’ for autumn A. 

Well done! 

Autumn A Times Table Champion.

Congratulations to our autumn A ‘Times Table Champion’.  Well done!


Magic Number

Still image for this video
Year 5’s resident number maestro demonstrates how to arrive at the day’s magic number using his mathematical powers!

Our final Spelling and Times Table Champions for this Acadmic Year. Well Done 😁

Year 5 Spelling and Times Table Challenge Winner.

What a fantastic performance in our penultimate Year 5 Spelling and Times Table Challenge competition of this academic year!  A worthy winner of both the trophies and a whopping bar of chocolate!  The first time a “Double” has been achieved. Well done πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ»

Year 5 made 'Pirate Pineapple Creole' as part of their Junior Chefs Academy.


Year 5 visited Gilmoss Recycling Centre and we were amazed to find out that some plastics we throw away will NEVER decompose!

International Dance Day in Year 5

Still image for this video

Spring B Spelling Champion

Spring A Times Table Challenge Champion

A fantastic 96 out of 96 in an unbelievable times of 3 minutes 14 seconds!  Well done πŸ‘πŸ» 

Congratulations to our Spring A spelling champion. Well done!

British Values

Year 5 participated in a local art project to celebrate 100 years since women got the vote.


Jenny, Cristina and Naomi -artists from an arts organisation based at Edge Hill Station -visited our classes and we looked at issues such as gender inequality, universal suffrage, gender stereotypes and democracy.



The UK government is a representative democracy and usually has a general election every five years. The main two political parties in the UK are Conservative and Labour.


 What is Democracy?


Living in a democracy means that the people in a country get to take part in the decisions made by their government - they are able to have a say in how their country is governed.

In the past it used to be the case that only men, or even just rich men, could take part in the decisions of a government.

Nowadays, we accept that everyone should have a say in democracy and usually the only condition is that you have to be above a certain age (18).





What is Equality?


People in the world are not all treated the same. A truly equal society in one where everyone is treated and valued the same despite their race, culture, sex, age, wealth or religion.


It can be difficult to fully describe what equality means. However, there are three main areas where equality is usually seen as most important. They are:

Rights - these .are things that everyone should be allowed to do if they want to. They include things like being able to vote, speak freely and own property.

Opportunities - these are the chances that people have to do certain things, such as getting an education and getting a job.

Status - this concerns how people are viewed in society. Everyone in a society should be considered to be equal to everyone else - no person should be better or worse than another person simply because of their race, sex, religion, age or wealth.

Year 5 Christmas 2017 Spelling Champion

Year 5 ART,


Forces: aerodynamics in Year 5!

5M investigated how changing the size of the rotors on a ‘spinner’ might affect the speed at which it floats to the ground. They discovered that the ‘spinner’ with the larger rotors was slower to hit the ground than the one with the smaller rotors. We talked about how the larger rotors had a bigger surface area for air resistance to act upon, therefore it floated more slowly to the ground. Gravity pulled both spinners equally but the spinner with the smaller rotors had less air resistance and hit the ground first 

Sir Isaac Newton and Galileo would be proud of you, 5M 😁

Hello 5B. As promised, here is our Class Christmas presentation. Please learn your lines!

Times Table Challenge

Congratulations to our first ‘Times Table Challenge’ winners of this academic year. Well done!  😁 πŸŽ“ πŸ†


Our Latest Year 5 Spelling Champion!

Food Tech Day 😁 Healthy Pizzas πŸ• yum!

Ancient Greek Activities at CHET πŸ˜„

5M African Drumming

5M β€˜Beat that Djembe!’ 😁πŸ₯

Still image for this video

Year 5 had a fantastic day on the final day before Autumn half term at Crosby Hall Educational Trust.

The children took part in activities connected to our art and history topic, Ancient Greece. They made Ancient Greek pottery; searched for Greek Gods in the woods and made Greek photograms in CHET’s photo development laboratory.  Awesome! πŸ˜„

5M made some nutritious, delicious, scrumptious pizzas πŸ• The ingredients were healthy as well. 
5M had a brilliant time playing their Djembe drums.  Adam, taught 5M some brilliant African drumming techniques 😁

5M Heritage Workshop

Following on from our history trail through, Liverpool, Curtis returned for a workshop to hear some of the childrens’ stories about how their families came to live in our amazing city.  We listened as the children explained how their families had travelled from places such as Ghana, Somalia, Quatar, Yemen, Holland, Romania, The Czech Republic, Iraq and even Manchester to settle in Liverpool. More workshops will be held and the children will be producing some work that will eventually be displayed at an exhibition later in the year. Watch this space!

5M Liverpool History Trail

Our intrepid band of historians from 5M didn’t let a rainy and cold Autumn day put them off finding out how people from all over the World came to settle in, Liverpool!  Our guide, Curtis Watt, took us on a journey through time, exploring how Liverpool has evolved from a village into one of the most vibrant and dynamic port cities in the World.  From the amazing Chinese Arch (a gift from our Chinese Sister City, Shanghai) through to the first dock, visible from a viewing window in Liverpool One, the children were taken on a journey through time, celebrating our rich shared heritage and diversity. 

5M’s Forces Investigation

Sir Isaac Newton would have been proud of 5M!  Their ‘Ball Drop’ investigation allowed them to see how balls of the same size and shape would hit the ground simultaneously even though their mass / weight was different!

2016 - 2017

5M - Art - History - Post War Britain - Carnaby Street - WOW! What a fantastic display!

Well done children and thank you so much Mrs Young, Miss Boardman, Miss Amos, Mrs Marlow, Miss Keenan and Mrs Smith - Yeh Baby! It's just like being on Carnaby Street! πŸ˜€ πŸŒΊπŸŒ·πŸŒΉπŸ’

5M - Science - Lifecycles - Lifecycle of a Butterfly - Our hungry caterpillars are getting bigger! πŸ› πŸ˜€

5M - Science - Lifecycles - Salty Seeds πŸŒΏπŸ˜€

A performance of 'El Dorado' from 5M

Still image for this video

BBC Terrific Scientific

5M had a really good time testing their tastebuds for the BBC's 'Terrific Scientific'  πŸ˜€

Our First Spelling Champion of 2017

Congratulations! Our first spelling champion in 2017. Well done!smiley

Christmas 2016 Year 5 Times Table Challenge winner.

Well done! This is our Christmas, 2016, Times Table Champion Winner.  Fantastic!

Year 5 Christmas 2016 Spelling Champion.

Guess who won our Christmas, 2016 spelling competition after a tremendously hard fought battle with children from 5B and 5M! What makes her victory even more amazing is the fact that she has only been in this country for a short while!  Amazing!

Year 5 Parents Afternoon

The parents came in to see one of our lessons today.  We were learning about gears, pulleys and levers in our science topic (forces).  The parents helped us to make working models to show how gears and pulleys work.  We then had a round of 'Time Tables Challenge' and 'Hit the Button' to round the afternoon off nicely.

Thanks to everyone who came in on Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. smiley

3 D Modelling at the Lowry

Year 5 Spelling Finalists, Autumn, 2016

Ten children achieved a maximum score of 40/40 in our spelling test.  This was a tremendous achievement as the spellings were not easy.  Some other children got over 30 which was also very good.  Hopefully, the children who did not do as well will be inspired by the children who got 40/40 and they too will challenge for our next year 5 title.

Our Year 5 Autumn, 2016 Spelling Champion. Well Done!

5M making some scrumptious, delicious, nutritious wraps with 'Absolutely Catering'

Look at the standard of work in