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Funky Friday

Today is Funky Friday!

Let us sing our rhyme of the week - Row Row Row the boat- but this is a little bit different!



Now let's use our bodies to move on Funky Friday!

Body Percussion on CBeebies

Mini Maths


Take turns with your child to say a number and the other person stamps that many with their feet. Count the number of claps aloud together. Make sure you do this slowly as the  number must be counted.

You could change it to jumps!

Make it a bit easier-  Use numbers 1,2,3

Challenge – Show the numeral for your child to stamp or jump! They can then copy the numerals in their busy book!



Sing Row Row Row the Boat together again .

Make it a bit easier-  Find the boat and copy the word again. Find the stream and copy the word. Do this once or twice again until your child has had enough, then stop.

Challenge - What can you think of to rhyme with boat? Coat, Goat…

Find words to rhyme with             stream?


Storytime  Choose your favourite story from the 'Storytime' button on the previous page. Enjoy!