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September 2020

September jobs : 


Harvesting :  Potatoes (Desiree & Maris Piper),

                        A few pears,

                        Apples (3 types of eating apples & cooking apples),

                        Red cabbage,

                        Beans (runner & climbing),


I brought in apples and blackberries for Y1 children to taste and showed them pictures of the allotment on the school website.

Weeding : Beds and borders. Took bins of green waste to the tip in car.

Pruning : Dead sunflower heads (lots of seeds). 

                  Trees and hedges at perimeter fence of allotment site.

Protecting : Sweetcorn plants with sticks and environmesh.

                       Lettuce seedlings in outside bed.

Clearing : Beds where plants have finished for this year.

Preparing : Laid cardboard to prevent weeds growing under some fruit trees.

Planting : Green Manure ; poached egg plants and phacelia (this will be dug into the soil in weeks to feed it).

Feeding: Pumpkins & squash.