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Keep Moving


Keep active and keep moving by clicking the image below. 







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A message from Mr Goudie
Today's PE Challenge - Ball sequence!
It would be great if you can try and send your videos to your teachers!

This challenge focuses on coordination and control! On the video I only do the sequence once and quite slow, if you think you can do it faster and more times then go for it! See how many times you can complete the sequence without dropping the ball or item!

P.S. Just be careful not to break anything if you do it indoors! I'm not getting the blame!😂



Practise the sounds and then read the words. 

Now can you cover the words and see if you can spell them correctly? 

Can you put the words into a sentence? E.g. We saw a bonfire.





Click the image below for daily Read, Write, Inc speed sounds lessons and hold a sentence.




There are lots of free e-Books online. Click the image below to access them. 







Today we are sharing between 2. Remember when we share between 2, we have to share equally, so both people get the same amount. 

You could use objects around the house to help work out the answers to the sums below.

Remember when you are sharing we say 'One for you, one for me' to help us share our things. 




Click the image below for more Maths lessons.







Think about all the different things you have learnt since you were a baby and talk about it.

Either print out the flower template or draw one. In each of the petals draw something you have learnt since you were a baby. Each time we learn something new we grow a little.

How many petals can you include on your flower? Draw yourself in the centre of the flower.