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Thrilling Thursday

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Today is 'Thrilling Thursday' and whilst we try and link lots of our activities to the weekly topic, sometimes this can be difficult.

Therefore, today, I suggest sensory play,exploring sticky, soft, smooth textures in your fingers, could be thrilling!

You could let your child play and explore shaving foam in a bowl or on a tray.

Let them feel and squish in their fingers and then ask them to use their index finger (or many fingers) to make lines/ patterns in the foam or maybe draw a picture of a face.

If you don't have shaving foam, you could use hair mousse, hair gel or shampoo/ conditioner instead. 

Or maybe, you could try flour and water:

Handy tip: When playing this with my daughter when she was younger, I would sit her in the empty bath wearing shorts and a t-shirt, so that the mess was contained in the bath.

When she had finished, she and the bath were very easily cleaned!!

Please DO NOT LEAVE CHILDREN UNSUPERVISED IN THE BATH as the foam can become very slippy!  

Mini Maths

The following number song is helpful in introducing children to simple subtraction as 1 car is removed in each verse of the song.

You could highlight this to your child, saying,

"There were 5 cars, then 1 went away and only 4 came back."


Five Little Cars | Number Song

Challenge- You could play subtraction or 'taking away' with objects in your home, eg. spoons, socks, pieces of pasta.

(It is best not to do this with toys as children can become distracted by the toy and want to play instead).

Start with 5 'spoons' and take away 1. Ask, "how many now?" etc.

Language and Literacy

Ask your child to recall the story of 'The Duck in the Truck,' they read yesterday.

  • Do they remember what happened at the beginning of the story?       Who is the main character? What was the problem?
  • What happened next? Who tried to help?
  • What happened at the end of the story? How did they solve the problem? 

Listen to the story again and ask children to join in with the rhyming words and repeated phrases, eg. "my truck is stuck."



The Duck In The Truck by Jez Alborough

I hope you have a 'Thrilling Thursday' with lots of fun with your sensory play.