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Today, you are going to use your imagination!


You are the owner of a brand new cafe or restaurant.

Choose a setting for your cafe or restaurant, it can be any setting you like.

It could be somewhere you know like a beach, a city centre, space, or jungle
for example, or a completely made-up place.


Draw your cafe or restaurant in the setting you have chosen and name it.


Now, your task is to create a menu for your restaurant.

Your audience will be whatever or whoever lives in your setting, keep this in mind
when choosing your foods.


Your menu should include at least one breakfast, lunch, dinner and drink option.

Use adjectives and commas to describe your food and make it sound delicious to
whoever/whatever you have decided will be eating here.


For example in the land of Toxic Trolls the breakfast    

menu includes:


Mouldy, burnt and crunchy toast smeared 
with pulverised, stewed and salted beetle legs.

Fizzy, lumpy and thick unicorn slobber.

Delicious, hey? - Trolls just can't get enough of the stuff!



Roald Dahl is awesome at creating revolting recipes. Have a look at some of the foods and descriptions he has used to inspire you to make your own imaginative menu.
It can be delicious or disgusting.
The choice is absolutely yours.

Illustrate your menu and have fun with this task. 

enlightenedChallenge - When your menu is complete can you find anyone in your house to play pretend cafe with you and select food from your menu. You could even create a price list! 


Today you will be working on multiplication and using the multiplication symbol x.
First, click on the 'White Rose Maths' icon below. Watch the video lesson:

Summer Term - Week 5 (w/c 18th May)

Lesson 1 - Multiplication sentences using the x symbol

Then, click on the BBC icon to practise your multiplication skills, complete the activity in your busy book.




laughYou now all have a username and login for Numbots and TT Rockstars laugh 

Login today!
Contact your teacher by email for your login details.



It is time to learn more about coding.

Watch the video below then play the game on BBC bitesize by clicking on the picture.

Log in to Purple Mash to code some more.

You can email teachers for logins and passwords:

BBC Learning - What Is Coding

Now you know what coding is, click the picture below to find out what can be programmed.