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Today your English task is to, firstly, draw a magic box with eight of your favourite things in it. These can be things, people or places. 

Then click on the magical box and complete the activities on page 17 of the talk4writing booklet, Part 1 and Part 2.

Use as many adjectives. verbs and expanded noun phrases as you can, this will make your poem even better and just like Kit Wright's Magic Box poem. Re-read his poem on page 14 to give you some ideas wink 

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Click on the 'White Rose Maths' icon below. Today you will be working with on problem-solving. First, watch the video lesson then complete the activity in your busy book.

Summer Term - LESSON 4 - Problem Solving


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Read the story, use the BBC link and look at the PowerPoints below, then, use what you know about Ramadan to complete the activity sheet.

If you and your family take part in and celebrate the holy month of Ramadan use your busy book to write about all of the things you and your family are doing at the moment. 

Include some drawings smiley