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Today we are ordering numbers. 


Can you count to 20? 

Can you count backwards from 20?


Now can you order these numbers from smallest to largest .... 




Click the image below to have a go at more ordering. 







Today we are practising the sound 'm'  'a' and 's'


Can you say:   mat   mountain   man    moon     mirror 


Now practise writing the letter m.     





Now can you practise 'a'    

Around the apple and down the leaf.


Can you say   apple    ant     astronaut   


Now practise writing a   




Now can you practise 's'    

Slither down the snake.


Can you say  snake   snail    spider 


Now practise writing s 








Today we are thinking about feeling safe in school.  Feeling safe means we don't have mixed up monster feelings, we feel happy, calm and loved. 


Can you draw a picture and write a sentence of a time when you felt safe?