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 We hope you are all safe and well and ready to start our final term in Year One! 

If you need any help or support please email Miss Brennan or Miss Miles. 


Take care,


Miss Brennan, Miss Miles, Mrs Parry and Mrs McNulty.



Keep Moving


Remember to stay active even if you can't go outside. Click the image below to have a go. 









Practise these sounds and read the words.





Click the image below for daily Read, Write, Inc lessons. 




Practise your High Frequency Words. 







This week we are re-visiting addition and subtraction. 


Can you work out the answers to these sums? 



Click the image below to access lessons from White Rose Maths. 

Summer Term WC 1st June



Visit Oak National Academy for more Maths Lessons. 








This week we are looking at Local Heroes for our History Topic.


Your activity today is .... 


Using Swiggle (A child friendly search engine) 


Can you research who Dixie Dean is?

Can you find an image of him on the internet?

Can you research and write 3 facts about him?



Click the Swiggle Image to begin your research.