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Thrilling Thursday

Today is Thrilling Thursday!


For our thrill today, we’re going to build a bus!

You can use cereal boxes, egg boxes or empty cartons to make this you will need pencils, scissors and glue.

Remember it is important to keep making little fingers stronger and using scissors correctly is a great skill to promote this. Use your scissors to cut up some paper or card. Hold your scissors like this.


You could make a bus using an egg carton like this?

How To Make An Egg Carton Bus | Craft Ideas For Kids

Or you could make a school bus with a carton like this?

Recycled Milk Carton SCHOOL BUS Craft | Fast-n-Easy | DIY Labs

Or you could make something different like this

When you have made your bus, you can talk about planning a pretend bus journey.

Where will you be going? Will you need luggage? What luggage will you have?

Who is going with you?

You can make paper tickets and buy tickets.




Talk to your child about the pictures below.

What are they called? Say the names.

Use the words which your child understands, for example – say ‘balloon’ if you child finds ‘hot air balloon’ too long or difficult to understand. If they can use the words, you can discuss why it is called a hot air balloon and answer any questions your child may have.

Do the vehicles go in the water, on land or in the air?

Play ‘I-Spy’ using the pictures and names of the transport. Can you take turns with your child?

Make it easier; emphasise and repeat the initial sounds for your child

Challenge; Can your child break up and segment some of the transport words?

Or can your child think of the initial sounds of other types of transport?





Okay, so can you find somethings in your house or garden to add together. .

Put small objects in a row. Gather some coins and ask your child how many there are. After they have counted them, rearrange them in a circle or row, and ask her again. Don't be surprised if they have to count them for a second time.

Make it easer

Find objects that go together. If your child has difficulty with one-to-one correspondence, find objects that correlate—such as spoons and forks, cups and saucers, horse and cowboy figurines—and ask him to pair them together. As he does, have him count each set of objects to help reinforce the idea that each pair consists of the same number.


Challenge  Add some objects like this; - see this video.

Add Count Together Song - Learn Addition - Learning Upgrade App

Our story today is about a school bus. See who goes on the bus. Can you hear the rhyming words?

Enjoy the story!


The Little School Bus Read Aloud

Enjoy the rest of your day!