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Make-it Monday

Good morning everyone smiley


Lets start today with a song:

We All Go Travelling By (UK)

The children look very happy as they start their school day in the song. 

Your teachers and friends miss you very much and are looking forward to when school re-opens and we can all play together again.



Storytime: Literacy and Language

Read the story below with your child. 

You might want to pause the story on different pages so that you can talk about the pictures in more detail.

Amazing Aeroplanes by Tony Mitton, read aloud - ReadingLibraryBooks

Now that you have read the story, talk to your child about where they would like to go on an aeroplane.

Do they know the names of any other countries?

Have they been on a plane before? What can they remember?

Would they like to visit the animals in Africa? Or maybe see the polar bears in the North Pole?


Search for pictures of different countries/ places to visit around the world (use google images) and talk with your child about the photographs of different places.

Today is 'Make-it Monday' and we are going to try to make paper aeroplanes.

It might be best if adults take the lead in this activity and children reinforce the folds, rubbing their fingers on top of adult creases.

Children could also draw patterns on the paper before/ after making the aeroplane.

(Tip- drawing a pattern is most effective as some of the picture will be hidden in the folds if you draw a picture).

You will need a piece of A4 paper.

Happy flying!

How to make Paper Airplanes that fly far and straight - Easy, Simple, Basic Plane

Mini Maths

Let's count some aeroplanes. How many are in the first group?

How many aeroplanes are in each photograph?
Challenge- Can you count all the aeroplanes in this section? How many altogether?
Enjoy the rest of your dayheart