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Look at this tiny dragon.

Use your imagination, pretend you have found this tiny dragon and answer the questions about it.


Make sure you use the correct punctuation. You need capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.
Challenge - can you add any other punctuation marks to your sentences?


1. Where is it from?

2. Why is it so small?

3. Are there any more like it?

4. Where does it live?

5. What is it called?

6. Is it magical and if so, what magical things can it do?

7. Will you tell anybody about the dragon? Why or why not? Who?





How fast can you write your number bonds to 20 now?

You have two worksheets here to practise then use the answers to check if you were right then you can tick or fix your answers. 


 enlightened Challenge - 
Have a number bond battle with somebody in your home. 

For example: if one says 12 the other says 8, you get 5 seconds to answer or your opponent gets a point. Keep score with a tally chart.

Watch 3 adverts about food on the TV.

Often, a lot of adjectives are used to make the food sound SO delicious you simply must have it.

The purpose or job of adverts is most often to persuade you to buy something.


Today your task is to create your own poster and advert to persuade somebody to buy or taste a food from the Stuart times.


Think back to our Stuart picnic in class to help you blush (if you can't remember just pretend!)


Do you remember when we tasted Stuart sippets (bread) and sweet potatoes with orange?

We talked about a lot of food and how it was cooked in Stuart times. This link will remind you  and help you choose a Stuart food to advertise:

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