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Today's task is on page 14 of your TalkforWriting booklet by Emma Caulfeild.
Click the magpie above to go to it.

Today it is time to write your own Elf story. You are an author wink

Don't forget to read through your story and check your spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Use all the plans that you have created this week to write and illustrate your story. Is there anybody in your house that you can read your story to, they can be your audience.

Your teachers would also love to read your stories, you can email us:



 enlightened Today you have a symmetry challenge  enlightened 

Watch the video by clicking below and then click the butterfly below to complete your challenge.

Go to Summer Term Week 3 - Friday Challenge
You can draw the butterflies in your busy book yes



Click above for the video and below for the challenge wink





Today you have an assembly. Click below to watch blush
- courtesey of the Oak National Academy


Then watch the video and complete the activity about feelings by clicking on the BBC icon below.


Free Choice Friday


After all of your hard work this week choose some of the games on the link below, on some of the links we have used for tasks this week or go to our 'skills' or 'fun extras' section and practise there. 


Have fun! wink
Stay safe  heart and we will be back with more activities on Monday yes


AND Don't forget to log in to 'My Maths' and 'Bug Club' every day.
Your teachers see when you do cool