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A message from Mr Goudie...






Practise the sounds and then read the words. 

Now can you cover the words and see if you can spell them correctly? 

Can you put the words into a sentence? E.g. Do you know how to get home?




Click the image below for Read, Write, Inc speed sounds lessons and hold a sentence. 









Today, click on the image below to watch the lesson and then join in with the activities. Can you complete the challenge at the end? 




Now join in with this lesson. Click the image below to have a go. 








Today we are continuing with our topic 'What do Muslims Celebrate?' 


Mawlid al-Nabi (sometimes written as Milad un Nabi) is the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad. On this day parents often tell stories about the Prophet’s life to their children and some people hold street parades.

This day also marks Muhammad’s death so some Muslims celebrate it quietly. Many Muslims do not believe in celebrating birthdays or anniversaries so not all Muslims celebrate this day.

 Muslims who do celebrate this day think it is important because the birth of the Prophet Muhammad was a great blessing for all of humanity. On this day Muslims remember the character of the Prophet, his teachings, sufferings and his ability to forgive.

Lots of people with different beliefs think about the things they have to be thankful for.

What are you thankful for? 


Look at the PowerPoint below and then write down three things you are thankful for.