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Spring Holidays


It is now the Spring Holidays and this would normally be your time to stay at home and have a break from school.

However as we are already having a break from school, I have put together a few ideas and activities you might enjoy and help to keep you busy.


Easter is a religious celebration for some people and also a celebration of Spring and new life and growth.

Lots of people enjoy eating/ sharing chocolate eggs as a symbol and celebration of baby animals born at this time of year.


Here are some songs about spring:


COUNTING SONG FOR SPRING | learn to count 1-10 number song

Learn about spring while you practice counting 1-10 with Tobey Turtle.

I'm a spring chicken-number song

Peppa Pig and her friends have a fun time looking for chocolate eggs in an Easter Egg Hunt:


Peppa Pig Full Episodes |Easter Bunny #11

Welcome to the Official Peppa Pig channel on YouTube!

Peppa Pig Official Channel | Peppa Pig's Chocolate Egg Hunt

Easter is quickly coming up and what better way to celebrate than with Peppa Pig and friends going for a chocolate egg hunt!

Ask your adult to draw some egg shapes in your 'Busy Book' for you to decorate and colour using your pencils from school.

You could colour 2 or 3 smaller eggs with different colours and patterns or just 1 large egg with lots of colours.



Auntie Mabel and her pet dog Pippin have a fun day finding out interesting facts about lots of different eggs: 


Come Outside - Eggs

Educational fun for children. Auntie and Pippin collect some newly laid eggs from the hens.

Numberblocks - Spring Time in Numberland | Learn to Count

As seen on CBeebies!

smileyDon't forget to have a look at the photographs of lots of our activities this year shown in the seven coloured wallets on the previous page, ie PSED, Physical Development, Literacy, Maths etc. 


Ask children to name their friends and to tell you about the toys and activities shown. Can they recognise and find their own photograph?


Look at some of our favourite stories from Nursery on the Storytime button on the previous page


Look at 'Wiggle Wednesday' from Weeks 1 and 2 and join in

moving to the musicwink