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Hello Receptionlaugh.
Today is Thursday 14th May 2020.
What is the weather like today?
Here are today's busy work activitieswink.

Phonics Time

If your child is confident recognising all of the set 1 sounds, and can read words such as ship, king, bat, and clap, without any support, then click here to learn the set 2 sounds.

Can you say these sounds?

 r   j   v   y   w   th   z 

Now, in your busy work books, practice writing the following letters:
Remember to use the rhymes to help you.

If you have a printer at home, you can print out the above worksheets, by clicking on the links at the bottom of this pageyes.


Now, can you Fred talk, read the words, below?.

mailParents: Ask your child to write the following words in their busy work books.
Boys and girls, remember to use your 'Fred Fingers' to help you.


Words to write: flat, him, long, pong.
As a challenge, your child could write a simple sentence: sit on it.


Now lets play 'Obb and Bob' blush

Before we finish, click on the link below to read one of these books to your grown upyes.
Spectacular phonics todaylaugh.

Chat on the Mat Time
Our topic, for Chat on the Mat Time, is all about things that grow. Let's start today's activity with a quiz, to find out what we have learnt so far. Tell your grown up the answersyes.


1. Name 2 things a plant needs to help it grow.

2. What does a sunflower start off as?

3. What animal eats its way out of a butterfly egg?

4. What happens to a caterpillar when it is inside the chrysalis?


Now, it's time to learn something newwink. Today, we are going to learn about the life cycle of a frog - the journey a frog goes on, once the frog eggs have been laid. Click on the link below to learn more about this.

Frog Life Cycle

enlightened Challenge Time

Look at pictures below, they are all muddled upsurprise. Can you put them into the correct order, to show the life cycle of a frog? Draw them into your busy booksyes.

enlightenedSuper Challenge Time
Can you label each part of the life cycle? Use the words below, to help you.

Maths Time
Today, at Maths Time, we are going to continue learning about positional language. Like yesterday, let's start today's Maths activity, with a positional language quiz. This time, tell your grown up where the penguin is, in the images belowlaugh.

Next, we would like you to draw a picture of a house, in your busy books, like this:



Fantastic! Now, you need to follow the instructions below, to finish your picturewink good luck!


1. Draw a bird on the roof.

2. Draw a tree next to the house.

3. Draw 3 apples in the tree.

4. Draw a cat under the tree. 

5. Draw a person inside the window. 

6. Draw a flower in between the tree and house.

Spectacular Maths work today!

Story Time 
Today's story book is called 'The Cautious Caterpillar'. Cody the Caterpillar is nervous about changing into a butterfly. “Flying looks very tiring,” said Cody. “I wish I could stay as a caterpillar forever!” Will some encouragement from her minibeast friends help her to be brave? Click on the link below to read this fantastic storylaugh.

Enjoy the rest of your day Reception.
Take care and stay safeheart.
Miss Dodgson and Mr Kirkbride.