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Make-it Monday

Good morning, everyone

I hope you all had a good weekend and enjoyed the sunshine.

Remember children can still go outside in the yard or garden to play and exercise. You can also go to the park or for a walk - but please remember to stay a safe distance away from others.


As it is Make-it Monday today and our current topic is 'My Home', let's make a musical instrument in the kitchen. You could:

  • put some uncooked rice or pasta into an empty food box or plastic cup or bottle and give it a shake
  •  use a box, plastic cup or old pan and hit/ beat with a wooden or plastic spoon
  • use a kitchen-roll cardboard tube as a trumpet


Try singing some nursery rhymes as you play your home-made instruments. 'Twinkle, twinkle little star' and 'The wheels on the bus' have good steady rhythms to play along to.

Language and Literacy


Singing nursery rhymes and simple songs is an excellent way to begin to teach children phonics (the sounds in words). We usually choose a new song each week and repeat lots of other songs we have previously learned. 

Our song for this week is 'I'm a Little Teapot'. 

Preschool Learn to Dance: I'm a Little Teapot



Mini Maths


When you are making your musical instruments talk about the size of the boxes or bottles you are using- who has the biggest/ smallest box?

Also, if using uncooked rice or pasta- you could count the pieces- make sure you touch each piece 1-1 as you say the number names in order.

Who has more pasta? Who has less?


Don't forget to read your 'Book for Bedtime'.


You can read it at any time in the day, not just at bedtime.


                         Let child look at pictures and read to themselves as well as reading to you

or older brothers and sisters.


Children love to read and re-read books over and over again.