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Taste-it Tuesday

smileyGood morning and get ready for a busy day on 'Taste-it Tuesday'.


Please allow children to help you in some way today when you are making breakfast, lunch or tea.

This will continue to develop children's physical skills and finger strength necessary for holding a pencil. 

Letting children 'help' you do jobs around the house not only makes children feel good about 'helping' you, it also boosts their confidence and helps promote independence and a positive attitude to tackling challenges.


There are 2 more pictures for you to learn today.

By learning to quickly name the pictures on the cards children will develop skills to hear the initial sounds in words and start to recall the pictures to remember sounds of letters later.

Warning- make sure children say "net"- NOT "football" or "ball".


                          "orange"                                 "net"

Let's play a game of 'Fred-Talk/ Say the word' in the kitchen.

Adult says, 'c-u-p'. Child says, 'c-u-p.........cup'.

Adult says, 'p-a-n'. Child says, 'p-a-n.........pan'.

Adult says, 'b-r-e-d'. Child says, 'b-r-e-d.........bread'.

Adult says, 's-p-oo-n'. Child says, 's-p-oo-n........spoon'.


Mini Maths

We are going to be looking at recognising and practicing writing numerals this week:


CBeebies: Numtums - Number 1

CBeebies: Numtums - Number 2


Here is a story about a little girl called Lulu:

Lulu's Lunch

Is Lulu bigger or smaller than you?

Do you wear a bib?

Do you like to sit in the trolley at the supermarket?

Do you help your mum or dad to make food?

Enjoy your dayheart