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Make-it Monday

Good morning everyone and welcome to another week.laugh

This week, we are following on from our topic on Transport and starting a new topic, for the week about 'The Beach'.


Let's start today with a transport song, including lots of ways we might travel to the beach:

We All Go Traveling By (US)

Today is 'Make-it Monday' so we are going to play pretend and make a train or an aeroplane in your home so that we can go to the beach:

You could

  • move cushions/ chairs into a line, like sitting on a train/ aeroplane
  • or sit in a line behind each other on your bed, to pretend it is a train/ plane
  • Use a piece of card to draw buttons and/ or stick on a lid or 2 to be the steering knobs.
  • Cut up an old receipt into pieces to be train tickets or draw on small pieces of paper to make your own aeroplane tickets or passport.

Talk about what you might see at the beach- sand, water, seagulls, fish, shells, an octopus???

Here is an example of how you might make a control board for driving your plane or train:


Mini Maths

1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9      10

  • Say the number names 1-10
  • Point to each numeral as you say the number names 1-10 
  • Then, play the game: 'What comes next?...' (or 1 more)

Adult says number string, eg.  "1  2  3  4.." then pauses for child to say 5,  Adult says number string, eg.  "3  4  5  6.." then pauses for child to say 7,

Adult says number string, eg.  "5  6  7  8.." then pauses for child to say 9.

To make a bit easier- start each number string at number 1 and keep going, eg, "1 2 3 4 5 6 7"......."8"

Challenge- adult says only 2 or 3 numbers before pausing for child to continue, eg. "3  4"......"5" 



Today we are going to begin to introduce children to pictures, letter shapes and sounds.

Initially it is important for children to recognise the picture that surrounds the letter shape.

Learning to name the picture and remembering the pictures will make it easier for children to remember all of the letters later.

We will introduce a new picture/ letter each day.

Today the picture is of 'Maisie and the mountains'. Share the picture below and say, "This is Maisie and the mountains".

Don't worry if children don't hear the m at the start words, we simply want children to be able to say what they see and remember the details in the picture.

(It is an added bonus if children hear the m at the start words).

Later, before you turn off the computer, show your child the picture again and ask them to name the picture. They should say, "Maisie and the mountains". If they can't remember, tell them again and keep practising.



This is a TV programme based on a story book, providing lots of information about the beach.

Watch the story of 'Kipper at the Beach' with your child.

Talk about the things Kipper and his friend, Tiger, see at the beach, eg. the sand, sea, bucket, spade, shell, crab. 

Kipper the dog - The Seaside

Enjoy the rest of your daysmiley