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Thrilling Thursday

Today is Thrilling Thursday!

Today's thrill is a toy car wash!

You can do this inside but if you have a yard or porch, you may prefer to go there.

Your child can select some toy vehicles (or plastic animals or tiny people - whatever you have).

Put baking soda in a tray or bucket. Make sure you let your child play around with the plain soda for a while — no need to rush things,

(If you have no soda, you could use shaving foam or shallow water with washing up liquid bubbles).


Now the thrill!

When their attention starts to wander, it’s time for the vinegar (or lemon or orange juice if you don’t have vinegar). You can either pour it from a measuring cup or straight from the jug. What happens?

Language and Literacy

(whilst you are playing with your child)

Use and repeat the words as you play. There will be fizzzing. And sizzing. And bubbles.They may pop! And overflowing – make sure there’s a towel!

Make it a bit easier- Say a word at a time and your child can repeat it if they want; fizz, sizz, bubbles!

Challenge- You can pretend it is snow and make tracks. Make a story. Where are they going? What has happened? Who needs to be rescued?

Mini Maths

When the cars (or other toys) are dried and clean, let’s play with them!

Roll the cars down a ramp! How FAST or SLOW can they go?

How LOW or HIGH is the ramp?

If you have blocks or lego, make a tower and stack your toys on.

Use a box, make a doorway and line up your toys to go through.

Count the toys. Sort them into colours.

Make it a bit easier- Point out the colours and your child can repeat. Point out how many and your child can count with you, making sure they touch the toy as they count.

Challenge-  Can your child copy the numbers in to their busy book? 1,2,3,4,5..


Choose your favourite story from the 'Storytime' button on the previous page. Enjoy!