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INTENT: We aim to teach children the life skill of written communication so that they leave us with:
       • The ability to write fluently and with interesting detail on a number of topics


       • A vivid imagination which makes readers engage with and enjoy their writing


       • A highly developed vocabulary and an excellent knowledge of writing techniques to extend details or description


       • Well-organised and structured writing, which includes a variety of sentence structures


       • Excellent transcription skills that ensure their writing is well presented and punctuated, spelled correctly and neat


       • A love of writing and an appreciation of its educational, cultural and entertainment values



Our Writing Champions have been fantastic this year, helping us become such a fantastic Writing school. Well done and thank you.

Well done to everybody who worked so hard to achieve our Writing Quality Mark. Next up...the Quality Reading Mark!

Read our wonderful report here:


We asked our teachers:


What do you enjoy most about writing?


Here are some of their inspirational responses:


'Experimenting with new vocabulary and sentence types-encouraging our children to take ownership of their work....finding new ways to present written work e.g. Science double-page spreads and pop up books.'


'To discover the creativity that exists within the imaginations of our children. All great authors started off somewhere and one of my children could be a 'Lewis Carrol' in the making.'

'I enjoy seeing the development of the children's writing from the planning stage through to publication. The children love to see the difference between the 1st draft and the final publication and enjoy looking at each other's final piece, as well as their own. This gives us all great satisfaction.'  


At Lawrence Community Primary School, we celebrate writing and promote it across the curriculum.



Our Year 5 shared their writing (virtually) with Year 4 and vice versa. We are all so proud of our writers. Some of us even want to be authors and illustrators when we are older.

Writing in Reception

In Reception, we have been learning to retell the story of 'The Enormous Turnip.' We used a story map and actions to help us.



At Lawrence Community Primary School we foster positive attitudes towards writing.

PURPOSE: To Entertain

William Shakespeare - who was he?

Do you want to come on a Great American Road Trip?


We used Junk Journal and Big Book ideas to make the work as intercative and fun to read as possible:

We write about other Religions and Cultures at Lawrence:

We want our children to be open minded, independent, respectful, resilient, active, creative and forward thinking. We asked them to use their vocabulary skills to find out more about what these words mean to them and they created these Word Photos:

Diagrams and drawings are important tools to help us with our writing - as you can see here from our Science work:

We looked at different ways to layout our writing - using headings, sub-headings, pop outs and flaps really make our writing stand out. Here is a selection of writing about the Shang Dynasty and some spooky Spiderwick stories!

The Shang Dynasty

The Spiderwick Chronicles - SCARY! You have been warned!

At Lawrence Community Primary School pupils take a lead role in planning and delivering writing activities.


Our amazing Writing Champions came together after school to read our writing competition entries. Then it was time to vote! 


And the Winners are....


Vhidhushan (Y6)

Eman (Y5)


We are so proud of you all. The standard of reading and writing was truly outstanding. WELL DONE EVERYBODY and thank you to our Writing Champions. You make our school FANTASTIC! 


Indigo lived in a small city with few people that have her condition,she had a rare blood cancer that can leave her in the hospital for day.Her mum was a doctor and she would have made a cure for her cancer but she died in a car crash coming home from work.She lives in a apartment with her and one day he said to her"Can you please get some cleaning supplies from the loft but the door may be locked".She headed for the elevator and went to the bottom floor and walked past a door that she never seen before at that very moment a maid walked past a said "That door has been locked for a really long time and it is said if you find the key that has vines growing out of it the person can be granted three wishes but we don't know if that myth is true",and walked away with a face like she didn't even talk to me.

Her heart didn't beat harder and faster before in her mind she thought"I must find that key!"she ran to the other side of the apartment and ran down the stairs going through box through box until she found it.When she got to the door she noticed there is no key hole there was a shape of a key she put it in and found herself standing in the middle of a forest with a lamp in front of her and a high pitched voice came out of it and said"Finally someone is here can you please get me out of this lamp",she rubbed the it with a shimmer to it.

"Hello my first replier you shall be granted my wishes and my presence ",loads of things went through her head at that moment so she thought"I might take a risk or....".Taking a deep breath she said "Can i have my caring mother back?"long silence until the genie finally said "I stay to my word your father is meeting her right now I hope you enjoy",cogs were spinning in her head and didn't stop until...."I will take my chance to get my father ,who took care of me my whole life,a new job?"ringing her hands behind her back nervously"Sure!"at that moment she made up her mind ,should i make my dream come true?Then said "Can i be a nurse when i am older?"he replied quickly "That was very unexpected but shore i can do anything".

The dad came down with papers in his hands and said"I got promotion nd i have enough money to get a new house and your mother is back !"said while tearing up "You could buy anything,i can finally go to school !"mid-conversation her mum came down the stairs and she ran to her crying in her arms.Her plan worked she wanted a bigger house she got one from her dads promotion and she wanted her cancer to go away and there is a chance that will happen because her mum is back and she can make a cure!!!!!!!!

Dear Diary,

Today started off a bit bizarre and ended quite seriously.

I remember a little girl crying outside and my aunt yelling “Dr Leila isn’t here. Now go away before I teach you what’s what!”

I got startled and said quickly “Who is it, auntie? Why, it’s only a child. Let her in.” I tried to calm her down and sat her on a couch in my consulting room. Then I told her to wipe her eyes and tell me what happened. But I lifted her chin with one finger and looked at her with a puzzled frown. “But I know you, don’t I?”, I said, trying to recognise her.

She told me that she was Ayesha and her granny used to work for me. Just then, my aunt gave a loud sniff. “I think you’re right, Auntie. I can smell it too. Something seems to be burning in the kitchen.”, I said just so that she would leave us alone. And she shuffled off.

I put my arm on Ayesha’s shoulders and squeezed gently. “Why have you come to see me?”, I interrogated. “Where are you living now? Your granny left without a word. She just didn’t turn up to work one day.”

Then Ayesha told me everything. Her mum was killed by a bomb, her granny had made them run away and the flat that they lived in now with all of the other refugees.

I asked her how she got here today because you’d have to cross the green line. And she did! She almost got caught by the militiamen though but Abu Boutros saved her. I think she found it comforting when I put my arm round her shoulders.

She said that she thought it was her mum looking after her. And she thought that it was stupid. “Not stupid at all!” I said briskly. “But why did you take such a terrible risk to find me?” She told me that her granny was sick and her medicine had run out.

I asked her a lot of questions about the way her granny looked, and where her pain was. I told her that she needs to see a doctor urgently. “Surely there are still doctors over there, on the other side?”.

She said that they didn’t know any and they don’t have any money to pay. I leafed through her granny’s documents. Ayesha started getting hysterical and telling me how they wouldn’t survive if her granny died.

“We’re all going to die, Ayesha. It’s in god’s hands.”, I said trying to calm her down. Luckily, I had most of what her granny needed. “Are they expensive?”, she said nervously. “You don’t have to pay a thing,” I said. I owed her a month’s wages at least, and besides, I’m fond of her.

My aunt came back and spilled some coffee on purpose in front of Ayesha. She told me to go and help her pack the bags upstairs. Ayesha stared at me, shocked. “Packing? Are you leaving?”.

 I told her that I was going to France and I’ll come back when the war’s over. I wrote a note in case she needed another doctor but I didn’t think she would. Before handing the bag of medicines to her, I thought how Ayesha’s going to get back across the green line safely.

Would she make it back to her granny? Will she get caught by the militiamen with no one to help her this time? Will her granny survive that long?



At Lawrence Community Primary school we employ technology to promote purposeful writing.

An excellent poem by Alisha in Y6.

A selection of letters as part of our English unit, Fantastic, Funny, Frightening. (Year Six)

#Festival of reading # LWQM Biography by AlyaY5

#Festival of reading # LWQM Biography by ManalY5



We aim to provide a range of meaningful opportunities to write for real purposes and audiences and to respond to writing as a reader from the earliest stages, it is important that children understand that writing is a means of expression and a communication tool.

A culture of book talk deepens reader response and allows children to explore the effect that the author of a text has created on the reader. We aim to give children opportunities to reflect on their own texts in the same way.

The teaching of writing is effective when children see the use in it when when there is real, authentic purpose; when there is an audience that authenticates their voice, whether themselves or another reader. We aim to create opportunities for writing inspired by meaningful events and experiences in texts and real life.

This provides the children with ways in to talking and writing about their own feelings, experiences and interests and, with purpose in mind, begin to think about their audience and adapt their tone accordingly. Children take pleasure in a reader’s feedback and begin to link writing with communication. It is important for teachers to validate children’s writing with appropriate response, focusing first on the effect that the writing has on the reader.


Our writing champions have been busy helping us to design our curriculum. Take a look at this impressive document that they helped to produce for our website.


Working Walls

In Year Six, we can show off our knowledge by writing down what we have learnt so it can be displayed on the class working wall and it can be used to help others learn. 

Tweet of the day!

In Year Six, we are given the opportunity to be in control of the school's twitter page, where we can tweet about the work we have been doing in class. #LWQM


One of the most important displays in the classroom is the English Working Wall (along with Maths of course).Our shared aim is to create working walls that will always be relevant and interactive, developing children’s awareness of language and different author’s approaches.

Literacy walls that allow children to share ownership of the writing process, the result being a collaborative effort of teacher and pupil. 

'Growing' in Reception.

Writing for Purpose in PSHE and British Values

Teachers at Lawrence Community Primary School model good cross curricular writing behaviours.

5B are writing and presenting their own assembly  all about Democracy. #LWQM #Writing for Purpose
Image result for writing is an art


Geography Campaign Poster. Purpose: To inform and persuade

Fantastic Habeba!

Special thanks to our very talented WRITING CHAMPIONS for all their contributions to our curriculum intent work. They made us very proud! #LWQM


What matters most to Christians and Humanists?



Wow! Ania is the first to email her independent research about William Shakespeare. Make sure to come and collect your prize Ania. 


by Ania in Year 6 

William Shakespeare was born on April the 23rd and he also died on April 23rd His occupation was a story teller,actor and writer.He was known for writing plays such as:

Romeo and Juliet;




William's Father was a successful leather merchant. Shakespere was the third of six children including two older sisters and three older brothers.


When William turned eighteen he fell in love with Anne Hathaway. Anna was eight years older than William (twenty-six). They both had children together twins called Hamnet and Judith, a daughter called Susanna.




OUR PURPOSE? To entertain
OUR AUDIENCE? Parents and family



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Many of our children have had their writing published. How fantastic is that?

Our titles include ....

Published titles


Ladies and gentlemen it is a pleasure to introduce our Writing Champions!




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94% of our pupils agree with the statement 'Writing is more fun when you can choose the topic.'

94% of pupils agree with the statement 'The more I write the better my writing gets.'

75% of pupils agree with the statement 'Writing is Cool.'

54% of pupils agree with the statement 'Girls tend to enjoy writing more than boys.'

91% of pupils disagreed with the statement 'I would be embarrassed if friends saw me writing.'

69% of pupils prefer to write with a pen or pencil. 

31% of pupils prefer to write on a computer.

100% of pupils say that they write outside of the classroom.

48% of pupils write in a diary.

61% of pupils like to write in silence.

30% of pupils like to write with music in the background. 

87% of pupils said they enjoy writing.


What do good writers do?


93% of pupils said they use their imagination.

81% of pupils said they use punctuation correctly.

79% of pupils said they check their work.

67% of pupils said they know how to spell.

76% of pupils said they read a lot.


As a result of our findings we have:

  • Invited reluctant writers to our Book Art Club.
  • Started a diary project in Year 3
  • Asked Pupils to email any independent writing they may do outside of school so that it can be published on our school website. 


Here are just  some of the wonderful things our pupils said about writing at Lawrence:  




'I love writing because I can become whoever I want to be. I can travel anywhere in the universe. I can be the hero or the villain.'  Subeer Year 6


'Writing is very important because we use it all the time. I like writing because you can use it to entertain people.Kiran Y6 


Special thanks to our Writing Champions for carrying out the survey into attitudes towards reading at Lawrence! 



Image result for the power of yet





As a result of our deep dives into reading and writing during autumn 2019, we as a staff have agreed to make explicit in each unit of work: 


  • The title of the book/text being studied
  • Is it fiction or non- fiction?
  • The purpose of the text (to entertain, to inform, to discuss, to persuade)
  • The audience  the text is intended for
  • Technical vocabulary (VocAPPulary)
  • A specific spelling investigation
  • The punctuation/grammar being taught
  • A balance of reading and writing objectives taken from the targets in books
  • A written piece of work that demonstrates learning in all the above
  • Some aspect of the work edited improved.


Our Writing Champions launch our Creative Writing Competition!  #

CLOSING DATE:18th December 2019 #LWQM
Good Luck to all our Writers! 



We will choose two internal winners before sending them off to YOUNG WRITERS to see what they think. #LWQM.

Our Writing champions, along with our school governors, judged our amazing stories and have chosen winners from each year group. The successful authors will be announced in the new year!

And the winners are...



Rahin (Y3)

Manal (Y4)

Hasanat (Y5)

Rabia (Y6)


A Big thank you to everybody who took part and congratulations to our winners, who will receive a book of their choice! 

It's Official! We are Published Authors!




We have written to say thank you for such a wonderful day.


Our Writing Champions met again today. We talked about the Writing Process, organised a writing for Purpose Competition and discussed writing activities for outdoors during break times. #LWQM