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Keep Moving


Keep moving at home and do some daily exercise. Click the images below:  





Continue to visit Bug Club and complete the quiz. Remember to click the bug on each page and answer the questions about what you have just read. 



Practise your High Frequency Words:





Daily Read, Write Inc sessions. Click the image below to watch the Read Write Inc lessons, just like we do in school: 





Can you play the games below and practise your counting skills? 


Choose objects in your house to count... count the stairs as you climb them, how many steps to get to the kitchen in your house?  How many toys can you count? 


Can you complete the activities on Bitesize? 




Click the link below to access lessons and activities based on what we are learning this term in Maths. This week is Summer Term Week 1 (W/C 20th April) 








Today talk about who can help you in school. Think of all the people in your school and how they can help you. Draw pictures of these people and write about how they can help you. 


Don't forget you can email pictures of your work to and We will try to put them on the class page for your friends to see.