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What is it like where we live?

We discussed our local area and all the places we pass on our way to school. We talked about local green spaces, shops, restaurants, religious buildings and sports centres that we are familiar with in our local area. 


We went on a trip to Sefton Park and looked for all the places we had discussed in our previous lessons. We also took the opportunity to link Science 'Seasons' and Art 'Earth Art'  into our trip. 


We then wrote a recount of the trip and talked about directions, the route we took and the landmarks we passed along the way. Following on from our Computing topic 'We are Treasure Hunters' we also used map reading skills from Geography and wrote algorithms for BeeBots.

To finish our topic we made a large scale model of the local area and the route we took to the park. We all took part making different buildings, painting and designing.