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We use the apostrophe to show ownership. The possessive apostrophe tells us
who the things belong to.
For example: 
The dog's bone = the bone belongs to the dog SO dog has the possessive apostrophe - 's
The cat's bell = the bell belongs to the cat SO cat has the possessive apostrophe - 's


Watch the video below to remind yourself how to use apostrophe's before you complete
today's task in your busy book smiley

Apostrophe 'S (Punctuction) - 1 ~ Grammar Class





enlightenedChallenge - write in a list of things in your home and show who they belong to by using an apostrophe e.g.    In my house I have found my friend Ana's pencil case.


enlightenedenlightenedSuper Challenge - add the information who it belongs to, where it is and how it looks like and what it is doing, use adjectives and verbs to make the sentence more interesting and add more information e.g.   In my house I have found my friend Ana's spotty, shiny, round pencil case hiding underneath the table.

enlightenedenlightenedenlightenedSuper Duper Challenge - can you add because and an adverb to tell us how the object is doing something and why. Use your imagination, it can be something made up and you can even pretend the object is alive and it can move laugh


I have found my friend Ana's spotty, shiny, round pencil case hiding sneakily, underneath the table because it is tired of being zipped up and unzipped all day long.


I found my brother's favourite, soft, stripy socks cowering worriedly behind the couch because they didn't want to be put on his stinky feet anymore!


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Click on the 'White Rose Maths' icon below. Today you will be working with length. First, watch the video lesson then complete the activity in your busy book.

Summer Term - Week 2 - LESSON 2- Order Lengths


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You know a lot about the continents and oceans of the world know. You know about their climates, landmarks and native animals.

Today, your task is to write about which continent you think would be best to visit and why. 
Your audience will be somebody in your house, can you persuade them that the continent you have chosen would be a great continent to visit?