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Today you are going to become a poet.

Click below.

Watch both of the video clips, read the handy hints and tips then complete activities 2 and 3.



enlightenedChallengeenlightened- continue to practise and develop your English skills with the Small Town Superheroes by clicking below.



Today you will work more on telling the time.
First, click on the 'White Rose Maths' icon below to watch the video lesson and then click the PowerPoint below to match the times to the clock faces.

Video Lesson:

Lesson 2 - Hours and days



 enlightenedChallenge enlightened- finally BBC icon below it for your activity on the BBC website: Complete activity two once you have watched the video clip read the examples.





Today you will look at the importance of staying clean to reduce the risk of spreading
.and to keep yourself and others healthy.

Click below to start the task.



The information in the video below will help you to keep your hands clean and stay healthy.

The information in the video will help you to create your poster.

How to Wash Your Hands - WHO Technique - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Hand Washing video.