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Wiggle Wednesday

laughGood morning everyone and welcome to 'Wiggle Wednesday'.

The rain and storm last night was amazing so let's start today with some songs and rhymes about the rain. You could even have a wiggle and a dance.

It's Raining It's Pouring

Rain, Rain, Go Away | Super Simple Songs


PhonicsLet's play the game, 'Fred says....'.

Fred (adult) says: "put your hands on your h-e-d". Children copy the sounds (h-e-d) and say the word (head). Then do the action.

Give your child a little time to think but if they are unsure, repeat and give support to blend to help build confidence.


Repeat with: l-e-g,  b-a-k,  t-u-m,  f-u-t,  n-ee,  h-a-n-d


This is called 'Fred Talk / Say the word'.

Mini Maths

Count the weather symbols below.

How many  suns/  raindrops/  clouds/  snowflakes  can you count?

Ask your child to tell you the total.

Sometimes children will count, "1, 2, 3" but don't make the connection that this means there are 3 in total.

Challenge- Ask children to count 2 groups altogether (simple addition)

  • the suns and clouds counted altogether (added) makes         ___________
  • the raindrops and clouds counted altogether (added) makes ___________
  • the suns and snowflakes counted altogether (added) makes ___________
  • the snowflakes and raindrops counted altogether (added) makes _______


Are you ready to 'Wiggle'?

KIDZ BOP Kids - Thunder (Dance Along)

Transportation Action Song - The Singing Walrus

Storytime : Choose a story from earlier this week: 'Room on the Broom' or 'Amazing Aeroplanes'.

Repetition is good for children to reinforce knowledge and understanding. 

Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson

Amazing Aeroplanes by Tony Mitton, read aloud - ReadingLibraryBooks

Have a good day heart