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Today we will be revisiting time. Can you draw O'clock and Half past times on the clocks in your home learning pack? 

Remember, when the big hand points to 12 it is O'Clock. When the big hand points to 6 it is Half Past. The smaller hand tells us the hour. 




In science we are continuing with Animals Including Humans. We have looked at different animal groups (Fish / Birds / Mammals / Amphibians / Reptile) and today we will be discussing Carnivore / Herbivore / Omnivore. 

A Carnivore eats meat (other animals) such as Lions, Tigers and Toads. 

A Herbivore eats plants/ seeds/ nuts / berries such as Deer/ elephant and horses. 

An Omnivore eats plants and animals such as pigs / lizards and chickens. 


Can you draw a picture of a Herbivore / Carnivore and Omnivore? 



Today we are learning the Banana Rap.We will be learning to clap to the beat. Can you clap to the beat of one of your favourite songs? 



Keep practising your High Frequency words and reading lots of books at home. Remember you can write a book review about the books you have read. You can also retell your favourite story to your family.