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Be Bright, Be Seen 2023

From Liverpool City Council


Dear Parents/Guardians,
British Summertime ends this weekend – the clocks go back by an hour with most of us travelling in the dark. As a road user there are things you can do to help yourself and your children, making sure that other road users can see you.
• Wear something brightly coloured in the day & reflective at night.
Such as fluorescent & reflective arm bands or bag or rucksack with high vis strips etc.
Keep to the footpath and well-lit areas, if possible, be aware of your surroundings, take out earphones and put phones in your pockets so you are not distracted and be aware of other road users who may not be as visible especially when crossing the roads.
• At night your bike must have white front and red rear light lit & fitted with a red rear reflector,
• Front and spoke reflectors are useful to help other road users see you.
• Wear bright and if possible reflective clothing to be more visible to other road users and have no distractions.
Car Drivers
• Regularly check that all your lights are in working order.
• Try to keep the car clean so that it reflects light and makes it easier to see, paying particular attention to lights, windows, and mirrors.
• Carry a high visibility vest or jacket or torch if you need to get out in the dark due to a breakdown so you are visible to other drivers.
• Remember to be aware of the more vulnerable road user who may be hard to see and drive at the appropriate speed for the environment
• No distractions whilst driving.
Have an enjoyable half term break but please remind your children when they are out and about to have no distractions near the roadside, remembering not to take risks but stopping, looking, listening & thinking is it safe to cross.
Liverpool City Council Road Safety Education Team