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Children in Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 - please access Google Classroom! Your teacher has set work for you to do here and will continue to do so over the next few weeks!


The usernames and passwords were given to you over the past few weeks by Mr Keenan and for children who couldn’t attend school over the last week of term, Mr Keenan, Mr Belger, Mrs Finlay and Mrs Nugent walked around to your houses with your home learning packs and they included ALL your online passwords.


All of your teachers are checking in on Google Classroom EVERY day as long as they are well enough to do so - please login and find out what they want you to do.


Thank you to all of the fantastic children who have already been using Google Classroom and keeping in touch with your teachers.



Below, there are a mixture of  free and paid for resources for you to use at home. Some of these very kind companies are letting us use their resources for free for a limited time during the Coronavirus outbreak - many thanks to all of these fantastic people!


The school has also bought other resources - you will require passwords for these in the password protected part, including the use of Google Classroom which children from Year 3-6 have access to.


Please see your teacher if you don't have your passwords.

KS2 - to access Google Classroom, sign in to Google Chrome using your email and click the 9 dots on the right hand side. One of these will open Google Classroom. - Sing up home schooling page - free body percussion workshops - new set of resources from the BBC launched last year - a more established programme of interactive classical resources from the BBC A set of resources about classical composers - Dallas symphony orchestra’s site just for children