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Today your task is on page 17.

You have the enlightenedchallengeenlightenedof creating your own superpower rescue story. 

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This week you are working on describing movement, position and direction.

Watch the lesson video by clicking on the White Rose icon below and then click the BBC icon, watch the video clips and complete activity two.





Our journey around the world has come to an end!

Did you enjoy it?

Which place did you enjoy learning about the most?


Your task for today is to design a travel brochure to encourage
or persuade somebody to visit one of the places
we have learned about.


Your poster should tell a person why they should travel to that place. You could include things like: climate, nature, landmarks, culture, festivals, activities and attractions, music and anything else that you would like to include. enlightenedChallenge - show the brochure to somebody in your home, does your brochure make them want to travel to the place you chose?