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Thrilling Thursday

Good Morning!

Today it is Thrilling Thursday!


Today’s thrill is fun and exciting and it can also be the Mini Maths activity for today as there is so much to think about with numbers – just by explaining what is happening as you go along, it will help your child to recognise, think and understand the meaning of numbers!

So what will we do?

We will have a Sports Day at Home! Get all the family to join in in the fun!


Before we have the Sports Day, let's start with our phonics.


We are introducing children to the pictures that surrounds the letter shape as this will make it easier for children to remember more letters later.  

At this time, we want children to be able to say what they see and remember the names of the pictures so don't worry if they don't hear the sound at the start words yet. This will come later.


Can you remember the names of the pictures so far?

Do children say: "mountain"   "apple"   "dinosaur"   "snake"   "tower"?


The new picture today is :   insect

It is important that children recognise this picture and say "insect".        NOT "ant" or "spider"

Later, before you turn off the computer, show your child the pictures again and ask them to name the pictures. If they struggle or can't remember, tell them again and keep practising.


Now to our Family Sports Day!

We can listen to this story about Maisy's Sports Day first - it will give the children an understanding of what a Sports Day is.

Maisy's Sports Day - StoryTime with Alex


Now for our Family Sports Day!


If you haven't an outside space use the hall/living room


If you have older children, use your phone to time the stations 2mins each activity!

One of the older children or parent count and keep the scores on a page 

Mum           Ahmed        Amira         

activity 1       4                2                 3

activity 2       1                3                 5       

activity 3       2                3                 4

Add them up at the end to find the Champion!


Choose some of the activities below which you could set up in your house.


Activity 1     Sprint from house wall to fence/gate/frontdoor to kitchen


Activity 2   Balance a cushion on your head and run/walk without dropping it!


Activity 3      Bear Crawls on all fours...hands and feet crawl along as many times            as you can


Activity 4    How many STAR jumps can you do in 2mins


Activity 5    Egg and spoon or use a mini ball/golf ball on a spoon! If you drop                stop and pick up. How many times?


Activity 6   Goal Score ...shoot the ball in between 2 markers to score. How                    many in 2 mins?


Activity 7      Target Throw. Set up a teddy or toy and stand at least 3 metres                     back. Throw something at it to hit it off. How many in 2mins? Or                  use a dart board or washing hanging on a line to hit from a distance


Station 8/9/10 don't need timing. Just try your best


Activity 8   Standing Long Jump. Draw a line on the ground to start with your                 toes against it and with 2 feet together jump as far as you can!

Activity 9   Fill the bucket is fun for everyone in back yard. Put an empty saucepan at a distance and fill cups of water and run to fill the saucepan. Time how long it takes you to fill it!

Activity 10 A well deserved rest and drink of water!!!!! Well Done!



Now after all the fun and excitement,  let’s have some calm relaxing  beach music. Your child can lie down to listen. It is a very long clip so just use it for a few minutes to have a calm time with your child.

Sea Animals and Relaxing Music for Children | Calming Music for Kids & Babies with Water Sounds

We hope you have enjoyed the Thrilling Thursday Family Sports Day!


Enjoy the rest of your day!