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Fun-day Focus

Make-it Monday

Today we will be making faces using paper plates.

Ask your child to look into a mirror and name the features of their face- eyes, nose, mouth, hair. 

(Then chin, eyebrows, eye-lashes, cheek, nostrils etc. depending on their interest and ability).

Make a note of eye colour and hair colour, length, style.


Next, using a paper plate and pens or coloured paper, help your child to create a face.

(if you don't have a paper plate you could you a real plate and take a photograph of their creation before you need to tidy it away).

Taste-it Tuesday

Children prepare and eat their own snack on Taste-it Tuesday.

By doing this, children develop their physical skills and also their independence.

Today we are talking to children about the importance of breakfast and how breakfast gives you lots of energy so that you can be fit and healthy to enjoy your day.


We will be giving the children a choice between coco-pops or rice crispies. We will then put a small amount of milk into a cup so that children can pour their own milk onto the cereal before eating it.

Wiggle Wednesday

Children will develop co-ordination and physical skills as well as creative skills and imagination responding to music with movement.


This week we are focussing on stop and go movements.

Brain Breaks - Action Songs for Kids - Body Boogie Dance - Kids Dance Songs by The Learning Station

"Oh I've got a body!", Learn body parts in action songs.

Thrilling Thursday


Today a toy will be our surprise!

Matryoshka Doll Surprise

Funky Friday

Body Percussion

Let ́s use our bodies to make some music!