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Funky Friday

Today is Funky Friday!

We sang a song about what plants need to grow last week. Let’s sing again!


What do Plants Need to Grow?

What are the five things a plant needs to grow? A seed needs five things - Soil, Water; Space; Sun and Air

Do you remember what plants need to grow?


Now it’s time for you to move?

Plant a bean dance!


Dance: Can You Plant a Bean

Now we’re going to move our bodies again with Ollie!

Ollie from 'Beat Goes On' teaches a 2nd Body Percussion routine

Let’s play a game using the movements we used with Ollie.

Adult write numbers on pieces of paper

Turn the cards over so you can not see the number. Ask your child to pick a number, and together turn the number so you can see it and you can do that number of     

hand claps

                                                                foot stamps

                                                                tummy taps

You can take turns with your child.

Make it easier; use numbers 1 – 5 and say the numbers with your child

Challenge; can your child choose and count the number actions on their own?

Language and Literacy

Can you clap the number of sounds (syllables) in words?

Words with 1 sound;         plant              seeds               bean                grow                soil

                                                       l                            l                             l                            l                            l


Words with 2 sounds         growing               flower                sunshine             water                     tulip

                                                  l     l                      l   l                         l    l                     l    l                        l   l



Words with 3 sounds  daffodil              watering              flowering              bumblebee           sunflowers

                                          l    l   l                   l   l  l                     l     l   l                     l    l      l                  l      l    l 

Storytime  Choose your favourite story from the 'Storytime' button on the previous page. Enjoy!


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Keep safe and well!