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We have some more fantastic TalkforWriting activities.
Click below to go to the Year 2 Home learning booklet all about Superheroes.

Today you should read the superhero fact files on page 3 then read
or listen to the story on pages 4 and 5.

Then create a storyboard or story map and use pictures and sentences to re-tell this
story in your own words, you can use your busy book.



Today you will work on 2D shape.
First, click on the 'White Rose Maths' icon below to watch the video lesson and then click below it for your activity on the BBC website.

Video Lesson:

Summer Term - Week 8 (w/c 15th June)

Lesson 1 - Count sides and vertices on 2D shapes



Watch the videos and take the 2D shape quiz.


Finally, complete the 2D shape mission.





The next place we are going to visit on our journey around
the world is a Rainforest.



Watch the videos below and visit the websites.

Create a rainforest fact file using all of the information that you learn.


You should include:

  • A diagram (draw a picture of a rainforest)
  • Where in the world would you find a rain forest?
  • What living things would you find in a rainforest?
  • What is the climate like? (What is the temperature and weather like?)
  • enlightenedChallenge - what is the name of the biggest rainforest in the world?
  • Any other interesting facts including de-forestation wink


Rainforests 101 | National Geographic

Rainforests are home to over half of the world's plant and animal species. Learn about tropical and temperate rainforests, how they contribute to the global ...