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Computing at Lawrence

Curriculum Intent

In Computing, we want our children to be open minded, independent, respectful, resilient, active, creative and forward thinking.


Curriculum Implementation

Our children are becoming digital explorers at Lawrence:


Computing Implementation EYFS




EYFS children at Lawrence:


recognise that a range of technology is used in places such as homes and schools


 select and use technology for particular purposes




Computing Implementation Year 1 to Year 6



Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Year 1

We are Treasure Hunters using programmable toys, map and route skills

We are Storytellers

We are Painters


We are TV Chefs

We are collectors


Year 2

We are Astronauts: programming on screen. We are Game Testers: exploring how computer games work

We are Photographers

We are Researchers


We are Detectives

We are Zoologists



Year 3

We are Programmers

We are bug fixers

We are Presenters


We are Vloggers

We are Opinion Pollsters



Year 4

We are Programming Problem Solvers


We are Software Developers

We are HTML editors


We are Co-authors

We are Meteorologists


Year 5

We are Game Developers


We are Cryptographers


We are Bloggers

Year 6

We are App Planners

'We are Market Researchers'

We are App Developers


Curriculum Impact


We offer the best possible support for all of our pupils, including our EAL children. Skills in Computing develop each year. 


Our staff use baseline assessments to regularly assess what the children know as the topic progresses and inform their future planning.


Assessment information is integral to our monitoring cycle.  Our monitoring cycle is developed at the beginning of each academic year.  Monitoring in Computing includes: lesson observations, work scrutinies and pupil voice.