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Use the story map that you created to write the story of Farmer Duck.

You must use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces and illustrate your work.

enlightenedChallenge - read and check your own work and fix any mistakes you might have made.






Use partitioning to complete these sums:
Split your numbers into tens and ones and draw your frame to find the answers.


47+10=                   52+26=         

38+20=                   71+14=

enlightenedChallenge -          35+47=         86+17=

This video might help.


Use 'My Maths' to complete some more addition with partitioning.





We began to learn about how food changed over time, to continue your learning research the story of potatoes.

History through the eyes of the potato - Leo Bear-McGuinness

Make some notes or draw a spider diagram to show what you find out.