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Fun-day Focus

Make-it Monday

Children will be making their own Christmas hat to wear at our class Christmas party on Tuesday. To make a hat, children will:

  • choose a shape for their hat (reindeer, Santa, tree or star)
  • be given a pre-cut paper plate (or you could use a circle of card)
  • colour their hat using felt tip pens
  • add extra decoration using a selection of collage materials, selotape and glue 

Taste-it Tuesday

Children will be tasting different flavours and enjoying finger food at their Christmas party today.


Wiggle Wednesday

Children will be wiggling and moving to music as we recall playing dancing games at our Christmas party yesterday. 

Musical Statues! Freeze Dance Brain Break Song for Kids

The Floor Is Lava | The Kiboomers | Kids Dance Songs

Just Dance Kids - Jingle Bells

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

Thrilling Thursday

Children will be pretending they are at the cinema today, eating popcorn, sitting with friends and the excitement of watching a mini-movie in the dark.